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Wedding Day Utility Kit - 7 Essential Things

Posted on by Arya Miller

Your wedding is just a few days away, and everything is ready for your big day. You have chosen the make-up, hair, your wedding dress is waiting for you, and so is your significant other. Although the weddings are no place for thinking about bad things, you should always be ready for something to come up. You can never be too sure, right? There are always mishaps waiting to happen that could ruin your wedding mood and experience. But, don't worry, we are here for you. You should put this little thing in your purse and hand them to your bridesmaid for safekeeping. That way you can be sure that everything will go as planned. Have you seen our wedding dresses collection? You will find all shapes and sizes there.

wedding dress

1.Bobby pins

Make up bag

Make up bag Etsy>

You have chosen your hairstyle, and the hairdresser got it just perfect. But, believe us, after hours of dancing, it can easily happen that your hair can simply let go of it's form, or your bobby pins can fall off. We suggest that you keep a pack of them in your purse. You never know. Maybe you won't need them, but your bridesmaids or best woman could use them.


Your eyebrow could be raised with this one, as to why would you keep snack in your purse during your wedding day. Trust us, you'll get hungry. Getting ready from early in the morning, shower, hair, make-up, getting takes a lot of time and energy, and you won't have a luxury to have a nice, long breakfast. Healthy snacks like almonds, nuts or dried fruit will save you. You could even have a energy bar prepared, it's up to you, but always have snack in your purse to keep you going until dinner starts.


Kokomo Cream handmade deodorant

Kokomo Cream handmade deodorant Etsy>

We don't sweat just because of the heat, stress and nervousness can also be the cause. If your wedding is happening now, it is quite possible that the combination of heat and stress will manifest in form of large amounts of sweat. That is why you need to have a deodorant in your purse, and refresh yourself when possible. We always recommend you use natural deodorants without chemicals and aluminum, that ways you will have a fresh and healthy scent.


Because you never know! Headache, migraine, upset stomach, everything is possible, and you should be prepared for it. Put the pills that you most commonly use in your purse.


Wedding tissue

Wedding tissue Etsy>

Tears, tears, tears. In this case, happy tears. Tissues are essential at weddings, because everything is filled with emotions. If you get very nervous, you can use lavender essential oil on your tissue and bring it close to your nose, take deep breaths and you will feel a lot easier. It is a sort of a portable aroma therapy.

6.Hair spray

Hair spray

Hair spray Etsy>

As we already mentioned, dancing combined with heat can really mess up your hair. So pick up a good hair spray that will keep your hair in place. And for your purse, pick a travel size of that spray. It will save you in many situations, for example, if your stocking rips, to keep it from ripping further, use your hair spray by spraying the ripped and around the ripped part. In case your make up starts to melt, you can use your hair spray as a fixator.


It is hot, and is really important to keep yourself hydrated. We all forget to drink enough water, especially when in rush. A water bottle in your purse will remind you to take sips of it from time to time. Your skin will look better, you will be healthier and you will prevent headaches that come from dehydration.

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