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The 6 Prettiest 70s Inspired Wedding Dresses

Posted on by Arya Miller

The 70s fashion trends have been big in the fashion world for some time now. You can see it practically everywhere. Some are thrilled by it, some aren't. Designers, high street stores, and all over the streets, the 70s has completely entangled us with it's bell bottom jeans, colorful blouses with a bow around the neck, oversize glasses and jewelry. We have to admit that we really like this trend. The 70s have always been known as a decade of good style, elegance and bohemian look. To transform you style into the 70s it is important to pair it with things from our era, to prevent you from looking like you've just stepped in a time machine. Wedding dresses inspired by 70s can look really beautiful and romantic. Whether they are classic or bohemian, and whether you prefer classic or relaxed bohemian weddings, we have found something for everyone. Keep reading. Check out our amazing wedding dresses collection and find the right one for you.

wedding dress

1. Original Vintage Wedding Dress With Waterfall Sleeves

Romantic Wedding Dress

Paperswan Bride Etsy>

If you are looking for original vintage 70s wedding dress, we found the perfect one at Etsy. Romantic with full waterfall sleeves and cape back detail, this dress will really bring you back in 1970. This dress has an amazing story to tell, with beautiful lace appliqué and high neckline, we are sure that in this wedding dress you will shine. But don`t wait to long, you don't want it to slip out of your hands. Price: $1,065.71

2. Yolan Cris Vintage Inspired Dress With Modern Touch

Beautiful Wedding Dress

Beautiful Wedding Dress yolancris >

This beautiful wedding dress is designed and handcrafted by Yolan Cris, fashion-house based in Barcelona. Inspired by 70s and Ibiza style, this dress has it all, rustic and bohemian with a modern touch. Romantic and rustic lace, ruffles and loose silhouette this dress is perfect for bohemian wedding. All you need is simple earrings and bouquet made of wildflowers.

3. Melissa Sweet Limited Edition Wedding Dress With Sheer Sleeves

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress davids bridal>

Luxurious romantic lace and captivating linear motif makes this dress so special. Designed by Melissa Sweet, this wedding dress has written 70s all over it. Long sheer sleeves and sexy deep V neckline, should we say more? For the $1258,00 this dress could be yours.

4. Minimal And Elegant Etsy Wedding Dress

Elegant Wedding Dress

Elegant Wedding Dress

If the lace isn`t your thing, how about this beautiful minimal pure white wedding dress? With beautiful scalloped chiffon trim bustline and wide straps, this wedding dress will emphasize your figure, and give you that romantic and elegant touch. Dress is from Etsy, and the best thing it is original 1970s dress. Price? Only $324.

5. Fairy Tale Delphine Manivet Wedding Dress

Fairy-tale Wedding Dress

Fairy-tale Wedding Dress delphine manivet>

Looking for a dream wedding dress for you fairy tale wedding? You can stop looking, because we found the perfect one. Beautiful white Delphine Manivet wedding dress with long sleeves, and for 2980€, this dress really left us speechless. If you want to see more pictures of this beautiful dress, take a look at their website.

6. Rachel Zoe Strapless Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding Dress shopbop>

For those hot and warm summer days, we recommend beautiful, elegant and graceful Rachel Zoe wedding dress. Strapless with draped overlays, in this dress you will look amazing. Add beautiful floral crown and a simple bouquet. Price? $695.00

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flower girl dress