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  • 5 Most Beautiful Vintage Inspired, Retro Wedding Dresses

    Traditional weddings are quite rare today, but theme weddings are really in demand lately. Modern newlyweds want their wedding to be more unusual and interesting than the next, like going to tropical and distant lands or having multiple themes. Today's article is dedicated to pin up weddings inspired by old times. Retro designed unusual dresses and hot red lipstick is what embodies pin...
  • The 6 Prettiest 70s Inspired Wedding Dresses

    The 70s fashion trends have been big in the fashion world for some time now. You can see it practically everywhere. Some are thrilled by it, some aren't. Designers, high street stores, and all over the streets, the 70s has completely entangled us with it's bell bottom jeans, colorful blouses with a bow around the neck, oversize glasses and jewelry. We have to...
  • The 6 Best Short Wedding Dresses for Every Style

    Do you remember Keira Knightley and her Chanel wedding dress? She looked gorgeous! And also proved to us that we can look elegant and cute in short wedding dress too. Not only they are so modern and chic, you can walk, sit, breathe and dance freely all night long. Still not convinced? Short wedding dresses are also a great way to show your...