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5 Most Beautiful Vintage Inspired, Retro Wedding Dresses

Posted on by Arya Miller

Traditional weddings are quite rare today, but theme weddings are really in demand lately. Modern newlyweds want their wedding to be more unusual and interesting than the next, like going to tropical and distant lands or having multiple themes. Today's article is dedicated to pin up weddings inspired by old times. Retro designed unusual dresses and hot red lipstick is what embodies pin up style. We will start with pin up dresses and bring you 5 of the most beautiful ones.

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1. A-line Wedding Dress

This beautiful dress will take you straight back in time with it's look like a piece that was taken out of Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe. This timeless style dress with it's satin sweetheart neckline and sash that keeps ti in the current decade is great for outdoor as for ballroom weddings as it has no train. It's features are blooms, knots and belt. Whether you're having your wedding in spring, summer or fall, this modest but classic dress will make you enjoy your big day to the fullest. Combine it with red shoes and lipstick for maximum effect.

A-line wedding dress

A-line wedding dress Princessly>

2. Yellow Wedding dress

This is pin up at it's finest! Looking like straight from the 50's, it's pastel yellow color reminds us of those rich flavoury ice cream sunday's that we used to see and love in the movies. This dress will definitely be a cherry on top of your wedding Sunday! It's floral embroidery will be perfect for a spring or a late summer outdoor wedding. Pair it with a rockabilly band, and you will see this dress in it's full swing!

Pin up Wedding Dress

Pin up Wedding Dress Etsy>

3. Lace Wedding Dress

Pin up girls usually wear dresses with below the knee length, not too long nor too short, just perfect. This dress follows those lines. It is made from french lace, it has a satin bow which puts emphasis on the waist line and a beautiful heart like shape cut out on the back with decorative buttons. It is easy to combine and it fits absolutely everyone. Pair it with simple stilettos and eyeliner. For a perfect pin up look, we recommend a black and white spotted scarf around the waist. You can use whatever lipstick you want, but the redder, the better.

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress Princessly>

4. Powder Pink Wedding Dress

Sometimes dresses don't need to be rich, long and luxurious. Minimalism often looks really sophisticated and elegant. This dress is like that. With it's trendy gentle pink color and long laced sleeves, it is perfect for this cold weather. Upper part is made of lace, while the lower is more minimal. We recommend having a simple bouquet, white stilettos and a white bandana around your hair that is made into a bun. Round it all off with a dark pink lipstick, you will look beautiful and breathtaking.

Powder Pink Wedding Dress

Powder Pink Wedding Dress Etsy>

5. Playful Wedding Dress

If you don't want gentle shades on your wedding, we recommend black and white combination which is very elegant and flawless. It has a simple shape that looks good on everyone. Waist is emphasized with a small strap and on the back is a deep round neckline. We recommend a bold royal blue shoes and a high ponytail decorated with the same colored bow. All shades of pink go well with this dress, so you can freely use pink lipstick and blush. If you're not feeling bold, with nude colored shoes and red lipstick you can't go wrong.

Playful Wedding Dress

Playful Wedding Dress Etsy>

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wedding dresses