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Top 4 Most Romantic Places To Get Married In Italy

Posted on by Arya Miller

Buon giorno! If we start thinking about romantic destinations, cities and states, we have to say that Italy has a special place in our heart. Relaxed atmosphere, smiling people, amazing food (lasagna, pizza and tiramisu) and great history. No wonder so many celebrities decided to get married in Italy (we recently wrote about George Clooney). We made a list of 4 most romantic destinations in Italy, ideal for fairy tale wedding, the choice wasn`t easy, believe us. Let us help you find your dream wedding dress for a wedding in Italy. Shop our wedding dresses collection.

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1. Venice

When we say romance, the first thing that surely comes to your mind is Venice. Why? Just look at Venice during sunset and it will be clear. This town is beautiful, charming and incredibly romantic. Venice has more than 170 channels and more than 350 bridges and countless romantic places for wedding. You can get married at the Palazzo Cavalli on the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge, in St. Mark's Basilica or in an intimate church of St. Giacomo, the choice is on you. End you trip with magical and romantic ride in gondola with a glass of champagne.


Venice 99traveltips>

2. Rome

Eternal City of Italy, Rome, not only is the perfect destination for a wedding but for honeymoon also. The rich ancient culture, of which remain many monuments, and one of them which you should certainly visit is the Colosseum. Drink perfect espresso at one of the many squares such as the Piazza di Spagna or Piazza Navona. Where to get married in Rome?Choices are many, but we recommend ceremonial hall Campidoglio.


Rome telegraph >

3. Florence

Romantic, lively, and fun, Florence, a favorite destination for the couples, was created for the artistic souls. Florence offers so many museums, palaces, monuments, excellent hotels, and food that will delight you. City that does not sleep. Wedding can be arranged in several locations in Florence and in it's vicinity. We recommend Villa Medicea di Lillian, in which you will have a beautiful view of the countryside of Tuscany. You can choose between two options, wedding in the garden or in the hall. If you are looking for something that is located in the city center, then Palazzo Vecchio is perfect for you. Whatever place you choose you can't go wrong.


Tuscany the guardian>

4. Verona

Who hasn't heard about Romeo & Juliet's sad, but sincere love story? Beautiful Verona is located in north of Italy, in the Veneto region. Verona offers so much more than the Shakespeare love story. The rich history, beautiful buildings, indescribably beautiful church Sanz Maggiore from the 5th century. And beautiful bridges, one of them that is particularly popular is Ponte di Pietra. Why you should choose Verona for your wedding? In the old part of Verona is placed Juliet`s house, and the popular balcony where Juliet called the name of her loved one Romeo. Beautiful and a bit unusual thing is that today you can get married on the same balcony and make your wedding even more romantic. Price for this kind of wedding is about 900 euros for a non- European Union Nationals and 700 euros for EU citizens.



Which city do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below. Ciao


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