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  • 7 types impossibly pretty bouquets for your wedding

    There are a lot of places to use flowers at weddings. Different flower meaning is different. When you choosing flowers, in addition to consider the beauty, you also should notice the budget and floral representation. Whether you are hosting a ballroom bash, an outdoor rustic celebration, or a city-chic affair, flowers are necessary for all weddings. Here are 7 types flowers you will...
  • 11 Kinds of Flower Hairstyles for You to Choose From

    Diamonds and pearls are the main characters of wedding hairstyles decorations, but more and more brides are choosing flower to decorate their hairstyles. The soft, delicate and beautiful flowers are similar to the theme of the wedding. In addition to the common roses and lilies, some unknown flowers are also incorporated into the wedding hairstyle decorations.
  • 4 Pretty Flower Girl Hairstyles for you to Choose From

    The most beautiful figure in the wedding is the little flower girl. You can't imagine that flower girls play an equally important role at the wedding. The young, lovely girls lead the bride into the aisle and dump the basket of flowers at one side. So how are you going to dress up your little flower girl? I collected 4 different flower girl...
  • 12 Constellation girl's flower dresses you will fall in love with

    Flower girl is a unique view of the wedding, lovely flower girl is like an angel at the wedding. The flower girl's dresses also attract people's attention, so how to dress up your flower girl is also an important part of the plan. This article shows 12 different flower gowns according to different constellations. The following 12 flower girl dresses perfectly show the...
  • 3 roles of the flower girl at the wedding

    In addition to the bridesmaids, the flower girl is one of the important elements of the wedding. Check out our adorable flower girl dresses collection to find a style that lets your little angel shine! The responsibility of the flower girl 1. Throwing petals When the wedding ceremony begin, the wedding march sound, the bride enter the hall under the eyes of the...
  • 6 tips for making a glamorous seaside wedding

    beach wedding With long coastline, white sandy beaches and lush gardens, romantic sunset and exquisite turquoise waters. A beautiful beach wedding is the choice of the romantic brides, here's a look at the beach wedding. Find the perfect white gown for your sandy ceremony, check out our new wedding dress collection! lucky in love 1. Schedule Although there is no certainty that it...
  • 7 Gorgeous Bouquets for your Fall Wedding

    Weddings in fall are so magical. Imagine beautiful colorful carpet of leaves, romantic isn`t it? In our last article we talked about stunning wedding dresses for fall, but this one we dedicate to wedding bouquets. How to choose the right bouquet and make the most of it? Stay tuned. You'll love our collection of autumn wedding dresses that are ultra pretty and perfect...
  • 5 Tips For Planning A Perfect Wedding

    You've got engaged and you couldn't be happier. But, then sweet problems start. You have to organize your wedding, which can be a really complex and hard task. If you're going to do it by yourself, we suggest that you arm yourself with patience a do a lot of research. From music, venue, budget, and hundred other things, organizing a wedding is a...
  • Top 7 Amazing Flower Ideas For Wedding In August

    Flowers play a big part at weddings, and it is very important to choose the right ones. And it's not only about their colors or type, but how will they fit in the space. It is also important to pick the ones that are in season, so you don't have to spend a lot more than usual. If you are not sure about...
  • 7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaids

    Do you want bridesmaids on your wedding but you don't know how to pick them out,and what roles should they play. You are afraid of fighting about dress designs, colors, make-up and hair styles. Stress, stress, stress. Back in the day, bridesmaids had a role to wear similar dress to bride's and wear a veil to confuse evil spirits. Thank God that the...