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The First Holy Communion ceremony marks the first reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist which is the body (bread) and blood (wine) of Jesus Christ. It is a special day and an important moment in your child's life. Something she will remember for a lifetime. So you want her to look the best on this holy day, right? Finding a first communion dress sometimes can be a bit hard, because of the ceremony's strict dress code. That's why we created this simple shopping guide in which we answer all of your questions. Happy dress shopping!

What should girls wear for their 1st Communion?

Every parent usually gets the standard dress code to follow by the church performing the First Communion. It is, on average, a simple white dress that covers the arms and the legs.

What style you'll choose depends on your personal taste. You can go full traditional, and opt for a simple cut long gown with long lace sleeves. Or you can, choose a gown with a modern twist. Such as dresses with beading, pearls, 3D flowers, or cute bows.

Remember, shopping for a dress should be a fun process. Include your daughter in picking the perfect style. Encourage her to try different styles of dress, and see what suits her the best; A-line, cupcake, full skirt? Lace, tulle, satin, or cotton?

Do first communion dresses have to be white?

The answer is yes! White color symbolizes innocence, purity, and holiness before God, so simplicity is key. The dress can be a simple traditional design or include more details such as beading, embroidery, and ruffles. The Catholic church also allows gowns in ivory color, but again we strongly recommend contacting your priest about what is and what is not appropriate.

Length of the Dress

The Ceremony dress code is pretty strict about this, so be careful when ordering a dress. The length od the dress should be below the knee, and not shorter than that! You can also choose tea-length dresses or floor-length dresses.

Dress with long sleeves or sleeveless?

Traditionally, the dress has to have sleeves. You can choose the dress with cap sleeves, short sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, or long sleeves. These types of sleeves don't require additional cover-up during a holy ceremony. If you opt for a sleeveless dress, the church may insist on some kind of cover-up, such as a shawl, jacket, or cape.

What about a veil or wreath? Are the girls required to wear that during the First Holy Communion?

Wearing a veil to the ceremony is a very traditional accessory. It symbolizes obedience to God and modesty. Although they are no longer a mandatory part of the holy communion, we think they are a great way to complete the look. Your little girl will feel like an angel. Tiara or floral wreath are also other great options, especially if the dress is simple.


When choosing communion shoes, the most important thing is comfort and fit, as your daughter has to feel comfortable throughout the day. Next is color and style. Obviously color has to be white, but you can opt for a more modern look, such as white flats with beading, or maybe a little bit of glitter. If the First Communion is held during the warmer days you can opt for simple sandals.

Shop Online

You can find so many great styles online at affordable prices! Some stores offer flower girl dresses that can pass easily as a first communion dresses. Make sure you get the correct measurement of your daughter, in that way the dress will fit her perfectly. Princessly offers so many different designs, for any style, size, and budget. From long sleeve to short sleeve dresses, tulle to satin, tea-length to long gowns, we have all! Best of all, we also offer a custom size option for those girls who are in between sizes.


First Communion Don't

  • Stay away from dark or bright colors!
  • Avoid dresses with heavy adornment.
  • We know you want your little girl to feel like a princess, but don't accessorize her with expensive jewelry. Simplicity is key.
  • High Heels are a big no-no. You want your girl to feel comfortable during the mass.
  • She is a little girl, she doesn't need makeup.