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Got bridesmaid dresses on the mind? Let's be honest finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the bridal party is not an easy feat! Your bridesmaids have different shapes, body types, different styles and personalities, and different budgets, the point is to find the dress that works best for all the girls in which they will feel comfortable. And eventually, the dress that they could wear more than once, right? But luckily, we at Princessly understand that every woman is different, yet unique and beautiful, so our gorgeous range of dresses offer the perfect solution to ensure happy and beautiful bridesmaids. We create trendy and elegant pieces with excellent attention to detail – starting from modern designs, color palette and selection of fabric to craftsmanship. We offer over 100 styles, in sizes from US 0 to US26W, at affordable prices. And best of all, we also offer junior bridesmaid dresses, amazing, right? 

To help you find bridesmaid dresses in flattering silhouettes that will fit perfectly, we created this easy-to-follow shopping guide. Happy bridesmaid dress shopping! 

Style of The Bridesmaid Dress

One size definitely will not fit all of the girls… take your bridesmaids' body shapes into consideration before choosing the style and silhouette of the dress. Don't think about their dresses in a ''they can't look better than me'' way, ask them what they like, and in which dress style they will feel most comfortable. You can also pick the color of the dresses and allow your besties to choose the style of the dress by themselves. It's a win-win.
If you are a fashion guru in your friends' group, and you want to choose a bridesmaid dress for the bridal party by yourself, here are a few tips on what dress style will suit all figures. 

Sweetheart Neckline Dresses 

A sweetheart neckline dress is one of the most popular styles when it comes to weddings! Why? Because it is universally flattering and suits both, larger and smaller busted women. It also lengthens the neck, gives the dress a romantic look and helps to add balance to the overall silhouette. You can go for a traditional sweetheart neckline look and opt for the strapless A-line dresses. Or if you are not sure about strapless style, go for a sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dress with spaghetti straps or cap sleeves. One of the most popular styles are also off-the shoulder dresses, they are romantic, feminine… perfect for any wedding theme. Also consider the season, if it's a winter wedding opt for a sweetheart neckline dress with long sleeves. 

A-Line Silhouette 

When it comes to the silhouette of the bridesmaid dress, the a-line style is a wedding staple. First it is elegant, a real old Hollywood glamour, second it is super flattering and looks good on anyone. In our collection you will find beautiful a-line dresses, from the elegant floor length styles perfect for traditional wedding themes to the short dresses perfect for beach wedding ceremonies. Every dress is available in so many different colors, some even over 30! Amazing, right? And you can find dresses in every size – from US 0 to US26W. 

Dress Fabric? Definitely Chiffon! 

At first, it may not look like this, but dress fabric is one of the most important factors when choosing a bridesmaid dress. And one of the most popular and versatile dress materials is definitely chiffon. It is perfect for any season, and any wedding theme – from beach wedding, rustic, traditional to modern, this material is an ultimate bridesmaid dress material. Chiffon is delicate, lightweight, breathable fabric, so you can be sure your bridesmaids will feel comfortable in it. We also love how this fabric gives that dreamy, magical look to any gown.You can shop chiffon dresses online on Princessly, in so many different styles. Prices ranges from $50-$200. 

Floral Dresses 

When you think of a spring or summer wedding, what print first comes to mind? Floral! Yes, nothing really announces the arrival of spring and summer like this pattern. Sometimes people are afraid of this pattern, but this fear is really not justified. There is a huge selection of different patterns, sizes and colors. Above all, this is a very romantic, happy and playful pattern, which is exactly why it is perfect for bridal party. Combining this pattern is very simple, stick to pastel and neutral shades so that dresses can express themselves as much as possible. 

Navy-Blue Dresses 

This is the most common and a truly classic choice! You can't go wrong with navy-blue, be sure of that! Over the years, the navy dress has come very close to taking the status of the little black dress. Dresses in navy color look refined, elegant and very festive. It is perfect for weddings all year round. In summer, it looks very nice with white, creating a monochrome navy look, while in spring and autumn it looks great with nude or rose gold shades, and if you are going to wear it in winter, combine it with silver. 

Mix- and Match Bridesmaid Dresses 

In the last few years, brides haven't insisted on one cut and color of bridesmaid dresses, which is actually a great thing. Let's just remember that bridesmaids are not the same height, build or even age. It is precisely for these reasons that it is very difficult to choose one cut of dress, and this is where the mix and match trend comes into play. In this way, each bridesmaid gets to express herself and wears a dress in which she feels very comfortable. The bride can choose the color, and the bridesmaids can choose the dress that suits them. This way, everyone is satisfied. Fantastic! 

Blush Dresses 

One of the most common choices for bridesmaid dresses is usually blush color. This color is very gentle, romantic and feminine. It looks beautiful on all types of women. It symbolizes youth, playfulness, love and femininity, precisely for those reasons, it's a perfect choice for bridesmaid dresses. Combining this color is very simple and will not present you with any problems, and it also does not require too many accessories. 

One-Shoulder Neckline  

A trend that came back from 2000 and everyone accepted it with open arms. Details really make a difference and this is best seen with the one shoulder neckline. This challenging, decent and very special trend looks very nice and is very easy to wear. Namely, whether it's about minimalism and dresses with a clear structure, or about romantic flowing dresses inspired by Greek goddesses, with one shoulder bridal party dresses, you won't go wrong! Wear them with confidence and you will truly shine! 

Dusty Blue Dresses 

Dusty blue is a color that simply does not go out of style! Especially when it comes to weddings and bridal party. Airy, gentle, romantic, sensual, we could go on forever describing it. This color looks so beautiful at spring and summer weddings, especially in combination with gray and other pastel colors such as dusty rose, pink, yellow and sage green. With it, it is very easy to create a harmonious, relaxing and airy look. It is very easy to combine, so it will suit any wedding theme, whether it's in bohemian or vintage style. Play with details such as flower crowns, jewelry, or hats and create your unforgettable story. 

Online shopping is an amazing way to find the best bridesmaid dresses in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, that will perfectly match your wedding day. On the Princessly webshop you will find the dresses for the entire wedding party - from wedding gowns, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, etc.