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Want a perfect outfit for your friend's wedding, but not sure what to wear? We got you! We know that wedding guest dress codes sometimes can be tricky, and hard to understand. But don't worry, there is a wedding guest dress for any type of wedding and any season. Whether it's a beach ceremony, nuptials in church, country pile or back garden, we will help you in finding a wedding guest dress that fits like a glow, and decode all the dress codes for you!

Beach Wedding

Weddings on the beach are always romantic, pleasant, and very beautiful. Also, they are usually very informal. This is exactly what the dress code is very often like. Direct yourself by topic. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word beach? Sun, sea, sand, tropical flowers and palm trees, ice cream. And now when you are looking for your dress, remember this. Choose wedding guest dresses made of flowing materials, with floral or palm prints, pastel colors, sea colors, and sand. This way you will never go wrong. Choose short or long dresses as you wish.

Rustic Wedding

Simple, rural, bohemian, warm, comfortable; that is a rustic wedding. Definitely one of the most loved by newlyweds for the last five years. The use of natural materials, field flowers, jars, and other elements can be found in the house or at antique fairs. It is important to hold a rustic wedding in the warmer months so that we can host the party outside. But what to wear for a rustic wedding party? Play with warm shades, such as orange, brown, and yellow. A semi-formal outfit is the best choice in this case. Round off the entire combination with the beautiful jewelry in golden color, and we recommend that you choose comfortable shoes, especially if the party is being held outside.

Traditional Wedding

The dress codes for a traditional wedding can be black tie, semi-formal and formal. Women can wear either long elegant dresses or cocktail wedding guest dresses. Pair your dress with beautiful jewelry, heels, and an elegant clutch. Avoid dresses with a large neckline, transparent, or too short. Elegance is very, very important at a traditional wedding. Also, choose dresses made of quality materials such as lace and satin. Dresses made of these materials exude tradition and elegance, they look simply beautiful and will be perfect for a traditional wedding.

Destination Wedding

Of course, everything depends on where the wedding is being held. If it is a wedding party on the beach, you will dress accordingly, but if it reflects a traditional wedding, you will wear something more formal. It's always good to get a pair of shoes that you can take with you. A long elegant wedding guest dress, or a simple midi length dress. These two dresses should cover the entire dress code. It is also good to bring shoes with a low heel, heels, and sandals with a chunky heels. Bring decent jewelry so that it can fit into any outfit. Therefore, it is important to adapt the style of clothing to the location itself and the decoration of the entire wedding. You will feel your best when you adjust the level of elegance at the wedding and dress exactly accordingly.