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Looking for the perfect outfit for your son's or daughter's big day? The mother of the bride and mother of the groom's etiquette sometimes can be confusing, especially since it is different for each wedding. And on this joyous occasion you want to feel beautiful, yet still follow the latest trends, right? In the past, the mother of the bride dresses was overly conservative, and we could even say boring – but the times have changed and now mothers are free to express their own personal style, with so many great fashionable choices. From formal gown to short or long dresses, traditional or bold color palettes, trousers or skirts – everything is allowed, as long as it matches the style of the bridal party.

To help you in search for the best mother of the bride / groom attire for your son's or daughter's wedding, here is a little etiquette guide, with top 5 tips, ideas, and tricks.

1. Don't Wear the Dress in the Same Color as the Wedding Dress

You know this, right? The most important rule at any wedding is - don't wear white. This color is reserved for the bride, and all the attention has to be on her and her wedding gown. Also, try to find out which color the bridesmaids are wearing because you don't want to wear the same color as they are.

The most beloved mother of the bride/groom's dress color is navy blue! And we can totally see why! This color has that sense of sophistication, elegance, and style. It also looks great in any season and any type of ceremony. Other popular colors are pastel ones, such as blush, yellow, mint green, baby blue, and peach. If the wedding style is minimal that definitely choose shades of nude.

2. Choose the Right Material

The fabric plays a key role in any perfect mother of the bride outfit. We recommend choosing a material that doesn't wrinkle too much, especially if you are planning to dance a lot on a dance floor. For summer weddings opt for lightweight fabric such as cotton, linen, or silk. The same thing goes for the outdoor wedding held in the warmer summer months. If the wedding is held in November or December opt for thicker fabrics. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your outfit.

3. Style of the Mother of the Bride / Mother of the Groom Dress

Mother of the groom/ bride dresses doesn't have to be boring! Don't be afraid to step out from your comfort zone and embrace statement body-hugging silhouettes like wrap dresses or tiered ruffles. You'll definitely leave a lasting impression on every guest. Or if you want an elegant mother of the bride looks opt for a navy blue gown with just a little sparkle to subtly elevate the final look. If you are looking for romantic gowns, the A-line dresses with lace bodices are perfect for you. And if the wedding ceremony is held inside a church choose dresses with cap sleeves.

4. Length of the Mother of the Bride / Mother of the Groom Dress

The length of the dress is a personal choice. In general, at a formal wedding, the dress should be floor length. Tea-length dresses are also very popular, especially if the wedding is held outside, such as beach weddings, vineyard weddings, etc.

5. Where to Shop?

Definitely online! You'll find a huge selection of awesome dresses in different colors and designs. Also, many retailers offer discounts and voucher codes, so you can find your dream gown at an affordable price too. On the Princessly website you can find the best mother of the bride/groom dresses in so many different styles. From elegant floor-length dresses to tea-length dresses to suits and many more. Check them out here.