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The Best 5 Mother of the Bride And Groom Dresses

Posted on by Arya Miller

Your daughter or son is soon to get married. It could be said that mothers are usually more excited, and that the wedding day is not just special for bride and groom, but for their parents as well. You should also shine and give it your best to do it, and although the attention is fully on your kids, don't forget to take care of yourself. When it comes to choosing your dress or suit, make sure to be elegant and sophisticated, which sometimes can pose a problem due to the body type. To make it easier, think hard first about what could the weather be on wedding day, what will the venue be like, and the color. We have found 5 outfit that will make you look elegant and beautiful. You'll definitely want to check out our fantastic selection of gowns and dresses for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

mother of the bride dress

1. Perfect body

If you have a perfect body line, let it show! Pale pink shade is perfect and it will make you look nicely, gentle and elegant. The binding over the waist will emphasize your line, so will the indistinct v-neckline. Asos really has a nice choice of dresses and it made difficult for us to pick just one, but this dress really amazed us with it's minimalism.

dress for wedding



If you are a trendsetter mom that loves to look modern, this one shoulder silhouette dress from Halstn Heritage which follow the body line perfectly will be ideal for you. Pair it with black shoes and purse and your perfect outfit is ready! This dress is also great for taller moms.

dress for wedding



In case you love the elegance of Jackie Kennedy, this Gucci dress is right for you. Only decorated with tiny buttons, it looks graciously and vintage. Wearing it with minimal golden jewelry, your kids will be proud of you. dress for wedding


4. Long dresses

Long dresses always have that elegant feel with them, especially when it's color is beautiful dark blue that fits everyone. The upper part decorated with beads gives it that old golden age Hollywood whiff.

dress for wedding


5. Suit

What if you don't like dresses? Why not wear a suit then? Elegant suits can look and fit you perfectly, if you pick the right one for you. Make sure to pair it with nice shoes and jewelry, the details here are very important. We have found a perfectly tailored Stella McCartney suit for you.

Stella McCartney suit


Love lace? Check out our new collection of lace flower girl dresses.

flower girl dress