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16 Cool Indie Wedding Ideas Perfect For Autumn Weddings

Posted on by Arya Miller

We will first start with the word "Indie" and it's meaning. Indie rock is short for independent rock music. It started in America during 1980's. And as for indie weddings, we describe them to be similar to bohemian weddings, which means a lot of colors, rustic look with elements of rock. There are no rules when it comes to indie weddings. Relaxation is number one. This makes not only planning far less problematic, but it also describes newlyweds, and their personalities. Turn your dreams into reality with our new Bridal Collection. Exclusively designed, expertly crafted with exquisite details.

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Decorations are usually an industrial looking pieces of furniture. For example, lighting, tables, chairs are combined with other bohemian elements like candles, carpets and flowers. Most important thing is to create a comfortable and relaxed look of the venue. Although indie weddings are associated with abundance of colors and bohemian style, we also have a minimalist version of indie decor. This version leans to rustic look which often can be very minimal and simple. Read below on how to decorate your indie wedding and leave everyone speechless.


indie wedding ideas

Table decor Etsy>

As far as the tables go, choose long ones instead of round ones. You can pick two themes when it comes to indie weddings. One that is minimal, and other filled with colors and textures. For the second one, use large flower bouquets. Choose vintage vases or jars, or you can combine them, as it's encouraged to use lot of different textures. For example, you can get dark green tablecloths and decorate them with eucalyptus and golden candle holders with tall white candles. You can also a cool and relaxed vibe with placing different plates and wine glasses.

indie wedding ideas

Table decor Etsy>

Many fans of indie weddings opt for things they have at their homes and they re use them. Like using old wine bottles, jars, they make old clothes into very interesting napkins. You can use this as an idea. Old wine bottles are beautiful when you fill them with fairy lights or field flowers. You can also use them for marking table numbers. When planning a minimal indie wedding, make sure to stick with only 3 colors. For example, dark green, gold and white. In this decor, eucalyptus, cactus, olive branches and big gold candle holders and crystal glasses will achieve the desired look in a very sophisticated way. Also, wooden tables and chairs are obligatory. If you decorate them with simple elements, like white flowers and candles, it will look minimal but will also keep a dose of indie style.


indie wedding ideas

Stunning Arch Couture Colorado by Rae Marie Photography>

One of unavoidable decorative items on indie wedding is the arch. No matter if it's for a venue, or if it will be used for photos or as an entrance to the farm, the arch is something you simply need to have. We could say that it is a very wide choice. You will also have to choose if you'll go with minimal indie style or the one more colorful and detailed. If you opt for more minimal style, decorate a simple wooden arch with eucalyptus and one long white flag. Beautifully minimal and very romantic. As for the other version, you can really play with it. Not only with flowers, but with colors and textures too. Arrange opulent flowers and leaves over the whole arch, and additionally decorate with white, dark red or purple curtains. You can also put carpet or lamps beneath the arch.


indie wedding ideas

Cake Table >

Who doesn't like cakes? And is there a wedding that can't go without them? And does a wedding can go without at least a few of them? Because of this reasons we recommend having a table with cakes. But not any table. A table that will look beautiful not only because it has cakes on it. Go and fin and old vintage table that you can decorate additionally, like painting it. Put lavish tablecloths on it, vases filled with flowers, and of course, cakes. Decorate cakes with fresh fruits and edible flowers. Also, provide a fruit bowl. Then write all the cake info on wooden tablets. For example, gluten free, vegan, strawberry cake, and so on... You can a knife on a gorgeous plate, and plates and forks on the side so your guests can help themselves.


indie wedding ideas

Wedding Decor Style Me Pretty>

Don't just decorate the interior, the outdoor also needs your attention. Complement obligatory candles and flowers with carpets and seating area. It can be an old couch, armchair or even hay covered with rustic blankets. Blankets are a perfect example on how to make the area more pleasant and functional. Put colorful blankets on couches, armchairs and hay. You also have a campfire. Surround it with benches, and put aside a table with marshmallows and corn. This will particularly be fun for kids.


indie wedding ideas

Beer Bar>

While listening to indie music, sipping a beer is a perfect thing, right? This is why we suggest having a beer bar. Make your special bar which will serve your favorite beers. It can be a self service bar, or you can have a bartender. Ideally, it will have to offer at least 2 types of favorite beers of bride and groom. Isn't having a beer bar such a nice idea? Decorate the bar with flowers or dream catchers.


indie wedding ideas

Wedding Bouquet Captured by Jenna Kutcher

Flowers are perfect for decorating the space, and it is heavily used with indie weddings. But, which types to use? Eucalyptus is a very modern choice, and great to use with minimal indie wedding theme. It's equally great fresh and dried. Roses are unavoidable. They provide a sense of romance, and if you pick them in darker tones, it will perfectly fit into indie bohemian wedding theme. Because they are available all year around, they are not expensive and can fit any budget. Billy button is a flower that works great in big flower bouquets. Because of it's strong yellow color, it lifts them up. We mustn't forget field flowers where poppy flowers are the most noticeable. You can skip peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips when having a indie wedding.


indie wedding ideas

Gift Idea>

One of the perfect thank you gifts would be to give each guest a small cactus. But if you're not up for that, you can make thank you gifts in shape of cake boxes, and give them cakes that were served on your wedding. Diy candle is also a great gift idea. You can add essential oils that you love and write your names and date of your wedding on the lids. You can put gifts on tables, or you can have a table situated near the exit that will only be used for guests to take their gifts from it when leaving. You can put a nice wooden sign on the table with a "thank you for being with us on our special day" written on it.


indie wedding ideas

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Venue is one of the most important pieces of your wedding puzzle. Not only it sets the mood of the wedding and atmosphere, but it is the first thing your guests will see. And you want to impress them, right? When it comes to indie wedding, unique + rad wedding locations are a MUST! Think out of the box, and be creative. Something like a tree house, or an old sugar mill will look amazing.... or even beautiful forest brimming with all of the beauty of nature that you can imagine. Our recommendation for venue: Chapel of the Flowers When we talk about indie weddings, first thing that comes to our mind is amazing music. And is there a better place to tight the knot then the King of Rock' n Roll city, Las Vegas? You all probably heard about the legendary Chapel of the Flowers, it is the place where weddings have taken place on the world-famous Strip for nearly 60 years. It features three unique chapels, traditional Victorian Chapel, the Tuscan- inspired La Capella Chapel and modern Magnolia Chapel. And you can also reserve the Glass Gardens, for the perfect enchanting rustic- chic outdoor wedding.


indie wedding ideas

Polaroid Guest Book>

We really love this idea! It's so unique, so cool and fun! How it works? Instead of simple guest book with just a signature, guests snap fun photo of themselves and then place their photos inside a book, with a message to bride and groom or just with their signature. Cool, right? Best of all, you'll only need an instant camera, like a Polaroid Or Instax, ton of film and extra batteries.You guests will love this!


indie wedding ideas

Hanging Bottles Idea by Jonathan Ong>

Hanging vases are definitely one of the best trends that we hope is here to stay. Not only it is perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, but it really gives that rustic and industrial feel. Best of all, you don't need a ton of flowers to recreate the look, which is great if you are on a tight budget. You can use old beer, wine and milk bottles... or even old light bulbs to achieve this look. Cut the twine to the appropriate length, and wrap it around the neck of the bottle, add your favorite flowers, and hang them on the tree. Easy, right? You can also use bottles as a giant wish tree. Ask your guests to write a wish on a luggage tag and then tie it around the neck of a bottle.


indie wedding ideas

Tee pee Green Wedding Shoes by Phil Chester Photography >

Teepee as a arch? Yes, yes, yes! It looks super cool, especially on your wedding pictures, and it is probably the easiest way to get that indie, boho look. They can be decorated with macramé, dream catchers, bold flowers, greenery and whatever else comes to your mind.


indie wedding ideas

Hankies For Happy Tears Green Wedding Shoes>

Such a cute idea! Have a different vintage hankies for your guests at the ceremony when things get emotional.


indie wedding ideas

Vintage Rugs by The Nichols Photographers>

If you want to add a touch of eclectic flair to your big day, vintage rugs are perfect for you. Not to mention, they are HUGE TREND! Whether you're planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, there are so many ways to incorporate these colorful textiles into your wedding decor. Mix and match similarly patterned rugs to achieve that indie vibe. We love the look of Persian rugs, but if you want to go in the other direction, bring in the vibrant colorful rugs for a fun look. You can find the rugs on your local antique store, or even your Grandma's house, and you'll have the prettiest wedding aisle in the world.


indie wedding ideas

Vintage Bath Tub>

There are so many creative ways to have drinks reserved for your outdoor events. But have you ever thought about the vintage bath tub to hold you booze? It is genius!


indie wedding ideas

Claddagh Ring Silver >

Wedding ring are the most important piece of jewelry you'll ever own. After all, you will wear it every day, your whole life. It is a symbol of love, commitment and faithfulness of your spouse to you. With that in mind, wedding ring should represent both, bride and groom. It must be spectacular, something that you both like. When it comes to indie wedding rings, they are anything but traditional. With unusual shapes, designs, stones... There are so many great jewelry designers which offer perfect rings for indie wedding. From Lauren Wolf Jewelry, Lizzie Mandler to the amazing Claddagh Design.


16 Cool Indie Wedding Ideas Perfect For Autumn Weddings

Boutonniere Etsy>

How beautiful is this boutonniere? We found it on Etsy. They contain a few springs of dried natural seeded eucalyptus, dried, natural blue thistle, dried natural lavender and silvery gray ministar flower spays, in different combinations depending on each boutonniere theme in this set. One of them features feathers and also bronze, rose gold leaves. It is really a beautiful natural composition that can become a keepsake, it is perfect for adding the perfect touch of greenery to indie bohemian wedding. Here is our new collection of summer beach wedding dresses!

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