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3 detailed wedding ceremony procedures to prepare your wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

The wedding ceremony usually took place at 11 o'clock in the morning and then had the lunch party. Evening weddings are usually held in the city, lunch is often held outdoors in gardens or lawns.

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The final preparations for the wedding.

3 detailed wedding ceremony procedures to prepare your

wedding ceremony

1. The bride and groom's final preparation

The first few hours of the wedding ceremony are the busiest moments for newcomers. The bridesmaids came to the bride's home early to help the bride dress up. The makeup artist began to make up for the bride and change her hairstyle. The bridesmaids have changed their dresses and help the bride organize things to be brought to the wedding.

At the groom's house, the groom and the best man are also busy putting on the gowns and making the final preparations.

After everything was prepared, the members of the wedding party set off for the ceremony. The bride and her parents are the latest people to leave, because the bride is not allowed to be seen before the ceremony begins.

nice bride

nice bride

bridesmaid and best man

bridesmaid and best man

2. Guests at the scene

Half an hour before the wedding, the guests came to the scene. The wedding seats are pided into two rows generally. The left row is the seat of the bride's family and friends, and the right row is the groom's family and friends.

The front of the guest seat is the wedding table. With the advance of time, the seat gradually filled with guests.



hanadsome man

handsome man

3. Wedding Entrance

After the music stopped, the officiator is the first person to walk through the carpet of a wedding. The next person to enter is the groom and his parents. After groom enters, it is the time for bridesmaid, best man and flower girls. It is the most exciting scene for the bride to be accompanied by her father. At this time, the band play the wedding March. The groom take the bride from her father's hand.

nice guys

nice guys

beautiful bride

beautiful bride

It's all known after the steps above. It's especially important to get ready before the wedding.I hope you will have a wonderful and happy wedding.

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