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5 Mother Of The Bride Or Groom Dresses For A Fall Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Along with the bride, her mother also has to look beautiful and flawless. Being elegant and sophisticated are one of the most important components when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. Sometimes brides persuade their mothers to put on fun combinations that don't fit their age nor the venue. In these autumn time of the year it is important to follow a few steps for dressing up for a wedding. Light fabrics will be replaced with those that are a little thicker and with a firmer structure, and bright colors with somewhat neutral and darker shades. Check out below which dresses we choose for brides mothers.

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mother of the bride dress

Wine Color

Long dress

Long dress Etsy>

Wine color is a main autumn trend. We have to admit that this color fits everyone. We found this elegant dress that has a beautiful fall. It is made out of chiffon, and will do a great job in emphasizing figure. Cut of this dress is ideal for these autumn and for winter days to come as well. With this dress we would recommend to wear black heels, black purse, hair lifted in a bun and yellow gold accessories. And don't forget the dark red lipstick.

Spaghetti Straps

Gray Dress

Gray Dress Princessly>

Dresses with thin shoulder straps are not reserved to young girls only, they will look great on mature ladies as well. A whole lot of details makes this gray dress perfect, will fit every lady that opts for it. It is made out of chiffon and decorated with beads to achieve a more sophisticated look. With it's luxurious look, you won't need practically any jewelry to accompany it. We suggest darker eye make-up and a neutral lipstick, and silver shoes. If you opt for jewelry, choose silver one as well.

Vintage dress

Vintage dress

Vintage dress Etsy>

Vintage dresses have so many nice cuts. For a autumn wedding it is desirable to wear autumn colors(yellow, red, brown, gray). What about a red dress? Red is oftenly avoided by mature women under the excuse that it is a youth color. But, we don't agree. If you choose the right cut, it will look just perfect. And because of that, we recommend vintage cuts. This dress has beautiful rayon half-length sleeves, and dress length is just right. We recommend to wear black shoes with flower embroidery, black purse, and round it all up with red lipstick.

Short dress

A line dress

A line dress Princessly>

Floral Dress

Romantic Dress

Romantic Dress Topshop>

Floral dresses are not only meant for spring and summer. If flowers are in the autumn colors, it will be a perfect choice for autumn wedding. We found a dress that fits that description in Topshop. Ceremonious, elegant and trendy at the same time. This blue chiffon dress, decorated with small blue and pink flowers and green leaves will be a perfect for every height. We recommend metallic sandals and purse with minimal make up and a pink lipstick to look fresh.

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wedding dresses