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5 Shabby Chic Décor Ideas for Your Magical Day

Posted on by Arya Miller

Shabby Chic Wedding

photo: livelovevintage

The most enjoyable part of planning your wedding is wedding decoration. What flowers should you choose? Where your wedding will be? Music? There is so many questions that every bride asks herself. Well, the first thing you should do is choose your wedding theme, as well as the place where the wedding will be. If your choice is shabby chic or bohemian wedding, than you are at the right place. We bring you 5 tips how to create beautiful shabby chic wedding. Turn your dreams into reality with our gorgeous bridal collection. Find the perfect dress for your shabby chic wedding!

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You can never go wrong with flowers, more you have the better. For this theme a prefect type of flowers is colorful wildflowers, hydrangeas, peonies and sunflowers. But how this kind of weddings are mostly outdoor, nature is on your side. Make sure that the bouquets are not perfect, let they look like they've just been picked. Put Flowers in jars or colored vases, that you picked up from your mother, aunt or grandmother. You can also decorate your jars with lace or rope to give them a romantic but rustic look.

Shabby Chic Wedding

photo: ruffledblog


Do not save on the lights and candles! Put them as much as possible in a way that your venue will be comfortable and warm. You can also put candles in jars, or you can choose candlesticks. You will not spend a lot of money and it will look effective. Hang the lights throughout the space, if you are outdoors place them around the tree, it will look like a fairy tale. And if you want a true fairy tale, you can after dinner, release lantern at sunset with written wishes. Everyone will remember that moment for many years.

Shabby Chic Wedding



Plates and glasses do not have to be from the same set. Strive to be different. It will look great and relaxed. If you don`t like this idea, and you are content with just colorful flowers, than you should choose white plates, white napkins and cutlery put in burlap runner and tie with a twin. It will look great.

Shabby Chic Wedding



Cakes are one of the most difficult choices. Chocolate, fruit, or a cupcake. Why not all three? In boho, a wedding cake doesn`t have to have perfect glaze or figurines in as well. Just lavishly decorate fruit or edible flowers. Smile will be guaranteed at Sprinkle and Confetti Cake, too. Remember, the more the better.

Shabby Chic Wedding

photo: myhotelwedding


We always recommend to add something of your own, something that will delight all, and which will be long remembered with a smile. How about Sundae Bar ... who does not love that! Make a creative corner for children, one chair will be enough, crayons and paper, and children will be thrilled .Packets with rice replace with bird seed. Cool idea right? And most importantly, get a good band dance the night away. Lace dresses are simply breathtaking. Check out our new collection.

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