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7 Amazing Ideas For Your Pin Up Wedding Decor

Posted on by Arya Miller

Today`s article we dedicate to an era of curly and elegant hairstyles, bold red lips and bouncing polka dot skirts... yep, we're talking about the 50s! We recently wrote about perfect wedding dresses for this type of wedding, but if you don`t know how to decorate your wedding in pin-up style, then you are at the right place. We bring you 7 amazing ideas to get that fun and cool retro spirit in your wedding decor. Check it out! While you're checking out the decor for pin up wedding, make sure you check out our collections of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses.

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Polka dots are perfect for recreating that retro style. It will bring the joy and fun to your wedding. You can use polka dot napkins, balloons or you can even have polka dots on your wedding cake. Just do not overdo it, remember: less is more.

Table decor

Table decor>


Red lips and eyeliner are symbols of pin up, but except having red color on your lips, you can use it for your wedding decor too. Decorate your tables with beautiful and timeless red roses or any other flower in this color, it will look so elegant and glamorous. You can also decorate your chairs or even glasses for champagne with red satin bows.

Red roses

Red roses >

Wedding Cake

What kind of a wedding it will be without a cake? It is a must! Pin up wedding cakes are really fun and unique, you can find so many great ideas on Pinterest. We are in love with cakes that have cute 50s inspired cake topper figurines. They really bring that 50s feel into a wedding. As we already said, red color is one of the most important colors for this style, but patterns like flowers, dots or animals will look great also. You can also serve strawberries in chocolate. Mmmmm... sounds delicious, right?

Wedding cake

Wedding cake Etsy>

Pop corn machine

Another great idea is pop corn machine. Not only your guests will love it, it will make your wedding unique and memorable. Have several different flavors of popcorn like caramel, or chocolate. You can also have a little red and white boxes with yours and your grooms name on it.

Popcorn bar

Popcorn bar>

Soda bar

Bring the whiff of old times with super cool soda bar. Have your guests choose between a couple of different flavours to pour into retro glasses with retro straws.

Soda bar

Soda bar >


Cupcakes are perfect for vintage weddings, and everybody loves them, right? Put them in red and white cases, with a little cherry on the top.


Cupcakes >


Invitations describe the theme of your wedding, so it is really important to choose the right ones. You can also make them yourself, and show your personality. Your guests will love it. For pin up wedding invitations, you can really be creative. Play with design, patterns and colors. We recommend invitations as records or as cinema tickets. If you are not in the mood for DIY you can find a graphic designer that will do that for you, and make you a wedding invitation of your dreams.

7 Amazing Ideas For Your Pin Up Wedding Decor

Wedding Invitation Etsy>

Tulle dresses are perfect for a romantic wedding. Check out our collection here.

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