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Affordable Wedding Dress Ideas For Destination Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller


Photo by Jonathan Borba Bride and Groom


Are you dreaming about a romantic wedding while being somewhere on vacation? Italy, Maldives, Bora Bora? A lot of couples have those dreams, to exchange their vows in exotic locations around the world. Along with those weddings being very romantic and special, they also require a lot of organizing, so it is ideal for those who want an intimate and small wedding. Spontaneity and romance really come to the fore in these situations.


Simplicity and Spontaneity

Majority of couples that chose destination wedding do it because of its simplicity. Why is it simple? Well, large weddings have to be exceptionally organized. Food and drinks have to be tailor-made to appease a large number of guests. Finding a location, decorate it...these weddings require at least a year in advance to be fully organized to the last detail. While destination weddings don't really require so much. Basically, you just need to buy tickets and choose a date. If you're looking for such a wedding, we're sure that your search for a wedding dress is spontaneous and without much fanfare. We suggest simple cuts, light materials, and breathtaking details.


wedding dress

Princessly Elegant Ivory Wedding Dress


Princessly Mermaid Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Princessly Ivory Wedding Dress


Lavishness and Tradition

Although you're having a smaller wedding in a distant location, you still don't want to give up on a lavish traditional wedding dress. And that's perfectly fine! Lavish wedding dresses are perfect for absolutely any destination. Just take care when choosing a cut if you're going to a tropical destination. Then opt for more airily materials and sleeveless models. But if you're traveling to colder ones, long sleeves, veils, and layers of tulle are more than welcome.


wedding dress

 Princessly A-line Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Princessly Tulle Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Princessly Beautiful Wedding Dress



An unusual wedding location requires an unusual wedding dress. Today, unusual wedding dresses are trending more than ever. Choose colored ones, short, or maybe two-piece wedding dresses. These types of dresses are great if you want to look really special and unique. As for accessories, you can also go for unusual bouquets and jewelry.

blue dress

Princessly Dusty Blue Wedding Dress


Princessly Two-Piece Set


Princessly Tea Length Wedding Dress