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Best 5 Wholesale Dress Suppliers in United States

Posted on by Arya Miller
There are a few things that make women happy, and one of them is definitely an elegant feminine dress. But, you already know that... right? If you are in a search of the best wholesale dress suppliers for your shop or boutique, you are at the right place!
Today, we have rounded up the top 5 wholesale dress suppliers in the United States that offer high-quality, yet trendy dresses for every style, shape, and budget. Scroll down and find the perfect supplier for your shop!


wholesale dress supplier

Beautiful Dresses [photo: Ron Lach]

1. Tasha Apparel

Location: Los Angeles, California


If you are looking for celebrity-inspired dresses that are fun, flirty yet breathtaking, Tasha Apparel is the perfect wholesale supplier for your shop. They really have a wide selection of dresses; from casual, to office wear to elegant and glam.  A wholesale supplier for trendsetters – we could say. Ordering on Tasha Apparel is really easy peasy. Best of all, you can get all the information such as the textile, color, where it is made, sizes by clicking on each photo. They also offer free shipping on orders over $300 or more.

2. Andrée by Unit

Location: Los Angeles, California


Founded in 2009, this Los Angeles-based brand brings innovative, fun, and feminine designs straight to your boutique. Andrée offers bohemian, vintage-inspired dresses perfect for free-spirited women of all sizes. Their collection also covers tops, bottoms, outerwear, tunics, and accessories. So if you are looking for bohemian clothes for your boutique, Andrée will cover all of your needs. They provide shipping via UPS.

elegant dresses

Women in Elegant Dresses [photo:Olya Kobruseva]

3. Juliet Dresses

Location: Los Angeles, California


Whether you are looking for glamorous prom dresses or quinceañera ballgowns,  this wholesale supplier has them all. Juliet Dresses offers a wide collection of exquisite styles for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Here you'll find gorgeous dresses in which your customer will really stand out. From beautiful ball gowns with stunning embroidery to simple and elegant figure-hugging dresses. On their website, the Juliet dresses state that customers are responsible for all shipping costs including return fees.

4. Sadie and Sage

Location: Monterey Park, California


Comfy yet fashionable, Sadie & Sage apparel is perfect for boutiques that focus on everyday clothing. You'll fall in love with their designs, from beautiful playful prints to flirty dresses – a perfect match to an energetic and outgoing lifestyle.

wholesale dresses

Feminine Dresses [photo: Ron Lach]

5. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Location: Miami


Located in the heart of Miami, Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is a leading wholesaler in trendy and chic women's clothing. Here you'll find the latest trends and celebrity-inspired looks.

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale offers figure-hugging dresses that celebrate women's bodies. They offer dresses in all sizes: small, medium, large, and plus size. Best of all, all items are designed in the United States, placing quality above everything else. They offer 2-3 day US shipping, and returns are not offered.


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