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Best 8 Ivory Flower Girl Dresses With Bows For 2021

Posted on by Arya Miller

Ivory flower girl dresses are always a great choice when it comes to weddings. Classic, yet timeless and elegant, these dresses can be a true statement piece suitable for any wedding ceremony and theme. And when you add a cute little bow to the whole look – pure perfection.


 Photo by Oliver Li Flower Girl and Bride

Bows have always been known as a great little detail to spice up any garment, and they can be seen on dresses throughout history. This detail was used to accent the waist, but also emphasize the romantic nature and elegance of the dress. Today, bows are a symbol of cuteness, especially when it comes to flower girls.


 Princessly / Photo by our customer Ivory flower girl dress

We've rounded up the most beautiful dresses with bows, perfect for any style. Scroll down and check them out! Happy dress shopping.

Traditional Look

The traditional look of flower girl dresses cannot be complete without a bow, right? Although a very simple detail, bows are very effective when it comes to decorating dresses. These dresses don't have many details, the bow is here to do the job. They are made very simple and effective, but breathtaking nonetheless. These dresses often have short sleeves, are decorated with a light layer of lace, and rarely are decorated with some beads or pearls. Bows emphasize the waist and can be bigger in size than usual. With these dresses, it is important to wear simple shoes and simple hair decoration.

lace dress



ivory dress

Modern Look

Along with traditional style, brides usually opt for modern. Modern style is changing from year to year, from season to season. Every year new trends arrive, and so bows can have different uses. They are no longer only reserved for the waist, we can see them as a shoulder decoration, on the back or around the neck. With this detail, you can achieve a very playful and modern twist. Although the ivory color is quite traditional and classic, this combination with accessories will look very modern and fresh. When combining these dresses, you can stick to trends and opt for glitter, beaded, or some vibrant colored flower girl shoes. You can decorate your flower girl's hair with flowers or hairpins.


Princessly Backless Ivory Dress

tulle dress

Princessly Off Shoulder Flower Girl Dress


Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Big Bow

simple dress

Princessly Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dress