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Elegant Black Diamond Jewelry Design Inspirations From Famous Personalities

Posted on by Arya Miller

Natural black diamonds are rare to find. Compared to other fancy colored diamonds, these black ones hardly get the limelight they deserve. When it comes to diamonds, you will mostly see people opting for fancy colorless or white ones. As for colored diamonds, red, blue, pink, and orange are the most popular ones. People do not talk much about black diamonds, but they should.

black diamond

They are real diamonds too after all and are quite elegant as well. In case you are having doubts or are confused about them, you can check out these black diamonds FAQs. They will tell you all you need to know about these stones. The black color in black diamonds comes from graphite, pyrite, and hematite inclusions. In some cases, jewelers or dealers will treat these stones to induce the color, and remove impurities. A 1-carat black diamond can cost upwards of $2,000.

Of course, simple FAQs might not be enough to convince you how fascinating they are. So here are a few black diamond jewelry designs that many famous personalities have taken a liking to. These black diamond jewelry make them look gorgeous, elegant, and set them apart from the common crowd. So by the end of this post, if you too take a liking to these stones, maybe you can take inspiration from one of these designs.

Selena Gomez and Her Oval Cut Black Diamond Ring and Inverted Earrings

Singer Selena Gomez will look great in whatever ring she puts on for the day. However, if you ask which particular ring makes her look the most gorgeous, the answer will be her oval-cut black diamond ring.

This ring has a stunning embellishment of black diamonds over the accent. In between the black, you will also notice white diamonds. Compared to your regular

black diamond rings, this one looks very different, possibly because of the white diamond inclusions. And to top things off, the ring has an oval black diamond as the centerpiece.

Selena’s black diamond dangle earrings are worth mentioning as well. She even wore them to a live TV show where she was seen matching things up with a beautiful black jacket. As this look proves, you can never have enough of the black stuff.

Taylor Swift’s Inspirational Double Finger Black Diamond Ring

Taylor Swift often takes inspiration from her life when writing her songs. And that has resulted in some of the most awe-inspiring music of the 21st century. It is easy to see how Taylor never lets anyone dictate her choices. And that is also evident in her attire, especially the jewelry she wears.

With a net worth of over $400 million, there is no doubt that Tay-Tay can afford any diamond or gemstone she wants. However, the ones she opts for are black diamonds. And thanks to her innate sense of style, she manages to make the most of them with her double finger ring.

The ring has black diamond accents and an overall dark look. It is somewhat gothic, yet elegant and classy. The ring is in a way a symbol of confidence. It shows how much someone can grow when you let them be.

Ariana Grande’s Timeless Black Diamond Choker

Ariana Grande has a diva-like vibe. She is sassy, elegant, and demands attention whenever she steps onto the stage. Thus, it is easy to see why her choice of black diamond jewelry would be a timelessly elegant choker.

The choker houses several small cushion-shaped black diamonds in a round arrangement. The diamonds are all packed together and make for a seamless look. The whole set looks even more appealing when Ariana pairs it up with a nice black dress. These black diamonds on her choker truly bring out the diva inside her.

Halsey’s Stunning Black Diamond Earring Collection

Halsey loves black diamonds so much that she has not one or two, but three sets of black diamond earrings. Two of the sets are round earrings. The third one is a pair of bar-shaped earrings.

The idea of black on red fascinates the singer a lot. That is why you will often see Halsey wearing these earrings at red carpet events. The bar earrings stand out the most among Halsey’s collection. She wore them to the 2017 Pre-Grammy Gala event with a gorgeous black dress.

An Enormous Zebra Diamond Ring on Rihanna

Rihanna spent almost $40,000 on her zebra diamond ring. The ring is studded with black and white diamonds in an alternate pattern. Thus we get the name ‘zebra’ ring. In all fairness, the ring matches the glamor that Rihanna portrays. However, if you plan on getting something similar, you might want to tone down on the carat size. Rihanna’s one has over 17 carats of diamonds in it. That is a lot of diamonds, even for someone as famous as Rihanna. The design is still amazing, and no one can complain if you try to recreate a ring with a similar design.


So which one of these black diamond jewelry pieces fascinates you the most? Well whichever one it is, you can rest assured that you will be making the right choice. Because there is no way you can go wrong with black-colored diamonds.