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Important Tips for Buying Your Wedding Jewelry

Posted on by Arya Miller
For every bride, their wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives. Every bride, naturally, wants to ensure that they look their best on this very special day. That’s why they choose the dress months in advance, schedule appointments for hair and makeup and – more often than not – go for a full glow up before the big day.
However, since the wedding band is the most important piece of jewelry on such a day, brides sometimes tend to forget that they should really consider other jewelry pieces as well. So, with that in mind, here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when looking for your wedding jewelry.


Make Sure the Pieces Fit Your Style

The most important tip to keep in mind when shopping for your bridal jewelry is to always follow your personal style. With so many different jewelry pieces out there, it can really be difficult to choose. However, if you know the style of the jewelry you like, you’ll instantly narrow down your choices, which can be a great thing in such a situation. Additionally, if you already know the style and the size of the jewelry you’re interested in, you can also shop for it online. For instance, websites such as offer a plethora of stunning jewelry pieces perfect for any situation. 


bridal jewelry

Bridal Jewelry [photo: Alvin Mahmudov]

Set a Budget

Next, make sure you set a clear budget so that you avoid overspending. Wedding jewelry can sometimes be quite costly, which is why you need to determine upfront just how much you can and want to spend on it. It’s always a good idea to include your bridal jewelry in your original wedding budget, so that you can see how much wiggle room and assets you have at your disposal.

The Dress Always Comes First

Furthermore, there are some experts that suggest that bridal jewelry should always be the first thing you buy, even before you decide on the dress. But this tip is not the best one out there, as trying to find a dress that fits your style, budget AND jewelry will only make this process even more overwhelming than it already is. Instead, make sure that your dress always comes first. This is in a sense that you should first decide on the dress and then choose the jewelry pieces that will only further emphasize its beauty and not the other way around.
wedding dress
Wedding Dress [photo: Victoria Priessnitz]

Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

Another thing you should keep in mind is that wedding trends seem to be changing with every passing season. What this can have as an effect is brides being presented with bridal jewelry that’s currently “in” but unless you’re buying the jewelry right before the wedding, it can easily “fall out of style” by the time your wedding approaches. That’s why you should never just follow trends blindly. Instead, really think about the pieces you want to get and make sure that they go well with your dress, hairstyle and personal aesthetics. 

Draw Inspiration From Your Wedding Theme

In the end, if you still can’t really decide on the type of jewelry you want to get, you can easily draw inspiration from your wedding theme. If you have a clearly set wedding theme, that will be a great place to start. This can help you determine the style and the color of the pieces, and you can start your browsing venture from there.

bride and groom

Bride and Groom [photo: Jen Theodore]


Choosing the right bridal jewelry is neither stressful nor difficult as it may seem if you learn how to approach it the right way. And by following these simple tips it will actually turn into a very positive experience. So, choose your jewelry carefully and enjoy your big day.