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Put your best shoes forward on your BIG day!

Posted on by Arya Miller

Behold your fairytale encounter is just around the corner! Your to-be-better half has popped the question and it’s your turn to live a dreamlike wedding experience. With the surreal wedding gown being the main highlight of your attire, it takes a little more than a perfect dress to really feel like a princess. We are hinting towards your shoes of course! In the words of 50s fashion icon, Marilyn Monroe "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." So here we are giving you a head start on the most important day of your life, with these feet candies below *major drool* Miu Miu - Modern day glass slippers

Miu Miu

Tis the season for magic and romance with sparkling Miu Miu

Miu Miu lets you live a Cinderella-like experience with a fun twist – There is no restriction of the clock striking 12 here for you can dance the night away in the arms of your beloved as long as you please. With these eye-captivating shoes you can tip toe your way, turning some major envious heads, to the aisle! But there’s a catch Cinderella – make sure you don’t lose these sparkling beauties. We know you wouldn’t even dream of that! Manolo Blahnik – Classic and fabulous, the ideal duo


Manolo Blahnik Chaos ankle-wrap sandal

Put your best shoes forward on your BIG day!

Manolo's nude classic pumps forever in style

From the classic Manolo nude heels to their ankle strap sandles, these shoes will sweep you right off your feet! Subtlety wrapped up in the elegance of Manolo’s touch, is just the magic that you need. P.S The nude heels makes your legs look longer (We know you are sold at this!) Jimmy Choo – The dream shoes

Ideal for the edgy bride

Ideal for the edgy bride

Are you an edgy bride that longs for romantic wedding with a crude twist? Let’s the Choos wave their magic and present their elegant studded gladiators. It’s preppy, its chic and we know they are your soul (read feet) mates. See the item at Jimmy Choo. Christian Louboutin – Something blue

Glisten from toe to head in "Degrastrass by Christian Louboutins

Glisten from toe to head in "Degrastrass by Christian Louboutins

We have got the something blue part covered for you with these gorgeous electric blue suede Louboutin shoes! While something blue is an essential part of the wedding, what could be better than pairing it up in heaven-sent Louboutin? We say it’s even better than the best!