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  • 10 Best Rustic and Historic Wedding Venues in United Kingdom

    Rustic wedding theme has been super popular for the last few years. It's very natural with lots of outdoorsy elements. Think wood, lace, plus country flowers and grasses. It is so relaxed with it's laid back atmosphere. Just picture a barn wedding venue, with naked cake and beautiful flowers that look like you handpicked them from your garden. If you love this idea,...
  • 7 Cool Barn Wedding Decor Ideas From Etsy

    When getting married in a barn, it is all about nature and nature elements. From simple branches, wildflowers to the thatch. If you want to achieve that rustic and cool look, add candles, colorful dishes, colorful chairs and metal vases, it will look amazing and so romantic. And the best of all, you can make a lot of decorations yourself, but for the...
  • The 9 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues In UK

    Looking for the most spectacular, most romantic and unique places in Britain? We found some of the best, from county barns, castles, beautiful gardens to the Roman Baths. These are the most romantic and unique wedding venues to exchange your vows. Leave everyone totally speechless in your dream wedding dress! Browse our collection of wedding dresses, and find the perfect one! 1. THE...