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  • Best Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fall 2017 Fashion Week

    Bridal Fashion week has come to an end, so we decided to round up our favorite wedding dresses which made their way down the runway! It was really hard to choose and you can't which one is better, because every dress has something that makes it unique and special. From beautiful and trendy off-the-shoulder dresses in both minimal and playful styles, deep v-necklines,...
  • 6 Most Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

    We are so in love with the trend of long sleeve wedding dresses! They are so elegant and glamorous and perfect for fall or winter weddings. Remember the iconic wedding dress worn by Grace Kelly? It was beautiful and so graceful. This type of dresses would look great on any bride. Sleeves, especially of lace gives bride a dose of elegance, style and...
  • Top 5 Trendy Mermaid Wedding Dresses You'll Love

    Did you ever wish when you were a kid to be a mermaid like Ariel? Because we were. That timeless and mythical beauty, magic and love, real fairy tale. Now, your dreams can come true, and you can look stunning as Ariel. Beautiful Mermaid wedding dresses are a big hit in the last few years. They are perfect if you want to show...