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  • 14 Piano Recital Dresses & Outfits for Girls

    Piano recitals are seen as events where elegance and refinement of classical music is being enjoyed, and outfits have to be in tone with it.
  • 12 different wedding dresses for 12 constellations

    The wedding gown is not only a symbol of happiness, but also a change of women's identity from girls to women. So there's a personal style in choosing a wedding dress. Constellation has been recognized as an effective way of distinguishing character, for the 12 constellations, what kinds of dress is suitable for you? Flower girl dresses can perfectly round up the whole...
  • 4 Tips for a Short Bride to Choose a Wedding Gown

    The fact that you are short does not mean that you cannot have a perfect wedding dress, it just means that you have to choose it wisely.
  • 6 cheap wedding dresses: here's what you should know

    Whether you having enough money or not finding a cheap wedding dress doesn't have to lower your expectations. On the contrary, some cheap wedding dresses and expensive wedding dresses have no distinct differences in style and quality. So polish your eyes and follow me to find the cheap but fine wedding dresses. Check out our collection of wedding dresses under 300 dollars, you...
  • 6 Amazing Ballet Flats For Your Fairy Tale Wedding

    Wedding is once in lifetime. You want everything to be perfect... venue, dress and of course, your shoes. Choosing the right wedding shoes is never easy. Most of the brides prefer to wear heels, higher the better. There are so many styles, sizes, and wide variety of shapes to choose from, but did you ever think about ballet flats? They are classic, elegant...
  • The 8 Beautiful Wedding Dresses For Your Beach Wedding

    Saying "I do" on a perfect private sand beach, is probably the most magical spot to exchange vows with your better half. Clear blue sky, beautiful ocean in the background, your family and your friends. Imagine how perfect your wedding photos would look like. But first, and the most important, your wedding dress. Browse our collection of the most stunning beach wedding dresses...
  • 5 Tips For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Cake

    The funniest and the most delicious part of planning a wedding is definitely choosing you wedding cake. Lots of sugar, chocolate, sprinkles and fruit. Is there anything better? There is so many choices, so many flavors and so many styles, sizes and shapes. Which one to choose? There is a lot of things to consider, your wedding theme, design, flavor and your budget....