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The 10 Best Essential Oil Diffusers of 2021 Under $100

Posted on by Arya Miller

Today, we are all more concerned about the quality of air. Diffusers help us humidify the air, and give out a pleasant scent into our home. Paired with essential oils, they become a little fighter defending our health. Each essential oil has its health benefits, and when used right, diffuser and essential oils can be really great when it comes to our health. Worried about the price? You don't need to be, there is a lot of high quality diffusers that cost less than 100$.


Photo by Chris F

Mosai Design Uultra-Sonic Electric Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

This beautiful diffuser is handmade. It is ultra sonic with a capacity of 120ml. It is made from gorgeous pieces of glass that makes it look like a mosaic. It will look great in mediterranean homes or mediterranean styled homes. For this diffuser we recommend lavander essential oil. It will relax you and make you sleep more easy and pleasant.


Price is $73.93, you can buy it here.

Wooden Design Cool Mist Humidifier

If you love wood in your interior, then this wooden diffuser is perfect for you. It has a gorgeous minimal design and will fit into every room. With this 60ml ultrasonic mini usb diffuser we would recommend orange essential oil. It will freshen up your space, lift your spirits and wake you up which makes it perfect to use throughout the day.

wood diffuser

Price is $51

Buy it here 

Glass Aroma Diffuser

This elegant diffuser is made of glass and has a gorgeous design. It will fit beautifully in your home, no doubt, as it looks like a gorgeous glass decorative item. It has a capacity of 120ml which is great for larger spaces. It also has more options; it can light up in warm yellow color that looks quite relaxing and pleasant. For autumn days, we recommend tangerine and essential oil, a fresh scent that will prepare you for colder days.

glass diffuser

Price: $82.87

Buy it here 

Terra Cotta Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you a fan of unique items, made from natural materials? Then what you think about this tera cotta diffuser? You don't even need electricity or batteries for this one. All you need is a few drops of essential oils on it and you can enjoy the pleasant smell. Wioth this diffuser you can freshen up your room, bathroom or your car. It is great for offices, too. If used in office, we recommend rosemary essential oil which is great for concentration.

terra cotta

Price is $8.31

Buy it here

Blue Glass Aroma Diffuser

How gorgeous is this diffuser? It reminds us of summer, Greece, the sea. It hasa a capacity of 120ml, which is great for larger spaces. It also has a warm yellow light. It releases a light, cool mist, great for refreshing and humidifying. To bring the smell of the sea into your home, use lavander, lemon and rosemary essential oil. Not only it your home will smell great, it will boost your immune system, too.


Photo by Eva Elijas

Price: $76.48

Buy it here


Dark Red Glass Ultrasonic Aroma diffusers

This is another gorgeously made glass diffuser. It has a vintage vase look which we really love and are quite hip nowadays. It hasa a capacity of 120ml and releases a cool mist. It also be used as a lamp because of its warm yellow light. Perfect for autumn vibes. We recommend eucalyptus essential oil, for a more fresher home.


Price is $89.23

Buy it here