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Tips For Getting Gorgeous Skin on Your Wedding Day

Posted on by Arya Miller

Your wedding day should be a special happy event, free of disturbances and other mishaps. Therefore, it’s important to be timely and to make plans according to the event itself. Taking care of your skin is a big task, that requires trial-end-error, self-discipline, and optimism. If your goal is to have a fresh looking and glowy complexion on your big day, you should start taking care of it at least a few weeks before the wedding. For that reason, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get gorgeous skin on your special day.


bride skincare

Skincare routine [photo: Pavel]


Find the Best Skincare Routine 

Having a proper skincare routine is the first step toward achieving skin that looks great in all occasions. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to give your skin everything it needs. That means cleansing and moisturizing. Also, using additional products such as serums that target specific skin concerns, eye cream and oils can also hugely be beneficial, so be sure to research them. Besides, keep in mind that you don’t need to use overpriced products especially if you’re planning a wedding. Instead, opt for products that are affordable, effective, and easy to use.


Drink Enough Water 

Even though there’s no substantial research that claims there’s a connection between glowy skin and drinking water, staying hydrated can benefit your health, which will also reflect on your complexion. Your daily water intake should depend on your body weight, diet, and your activities. If your skin is constantly dehydrated, try increasing your water consumption and see if there are any improvements. 



Facial Skincare [photo: cottonbro]


Don’t Forget Your Body 

Facial skincare is crucial, however, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest of your body. Aside from using proper body butter or cream, you might want to invest some extra efforts that will benefit your skin. There are some modern essential skincare tips such as exfoliation and dry brushing that can remove dead skin cells and fix other irregularities. In case you enjoy showering with steamy hot water, try to reduce the temperature in order to prevent dryness and irritation. Also, make sure to apply a moisturizer after taking a shower.


Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep 

Planning your wedding can be exciting and stressful at the same time, however, that should never affect your sleep quality. A good night’s rest is always the best way to boost your skin, mainly if you’re also suffering from dark circles around the eye area. In case you have sleeping issues, then feel free to include some relaxing bedtime rituals, and if possible, refrain from using electronics right before bedtime. 


skincare routine

Facial Treatment [photo: Anna Shvets]


Treat Yourself to a Facial 

Getting a facial is a great way to give your skin some professional love and care. But, before you decide to book an appointment, make sure that your facialist/esthetician is reputable and certified. Also, remember that you should never get a facial right before the wedding day. Instead, do it at least a week before, so your skin will have time to recuperate and stabilize in order to look good and fresh. If you’re unsure which facial to choose, then make sure to discuss that before the appointment. A professional and trustworthy facialist will always know what to do, however, if they seem evasive or dismissive, then it’s best to find someone else. 



You deserve to look your best on your wedding day. Taking care of your skin is important, some would say more important than makeup. These tips will help you get gorgeous, healthy, and glowy skin. But, remember that skin flaws and imperfections are normal, so you should accept them as long as you keep your skin balanced and healthy.