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How to Choose the Right Jewelry for your Bridesmaids

Posted on by Arya Miller

We believe that you already picked out dresses for your bridesmaid. You have decided on what style, color and design you will go with and now is the right time to choose jewelry. Jewelry is always a finishing touch, a detail that will connect everything and make the whole combination truly special. Sometimes there can be a problem with choosing jewerly because the bride and bridesmaids might not have the same taste, but if you'll go for nice classic pieces, your bridesmaids will surely be thrilled.


Photo by Caleb Oquendo Bride and Bridesmaids

What Jewerly Should Bridesmaids Wear?

This is certainly a question that most brides ask themselves. Which jewelry is most appropriate for a bridesmaid and is there a certain dress code to be uphold. Firstly, jewelry should be matched with the style of your bridesmaid dress. If you opted for a modern style dress, choose the matching modern jewelry. In case you are sticking to the traditional stlye, choose traditional jewelry.

Traditional Style

Will your bridesmaid wear a traditional style of dress, classic colors and without much details? If the answer was yes, then you should choose jewelry that will fit into that theme. Discrete and simple jewelry like minimal earrings, pearls or classic necklaces will shine on your bridesmaids.

Snake Necklace


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This beautiful necklace is a perfect example of elegance. It has a very traditional, gracious and timeless style that your bridesmaid can wear even after the wedding. It perfectly goes with other jewelry, and it looks as amazing on its own. You can combine it with absolutely any color.

Swarovski Crystals Earrings


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If you're looking for a small subtle detail, then these earrings are a perfect choice. They are made from gold plated materials, and with Swarovski crystals it will guarantee you elegance and refinement. These earrings go perfectly with dresses in darker shades, but they will also look great with light and airily materials.

Modern Style

When it comes to modern style, we can notice a number of trends. From minimalism, to big and massive pieces, to the ones made from beads.You can very simply introduce all those styles to your wedding. With a skillful combination of colors and designs, we can achieve a perfect balance and harmony in your outfit.

Crystal Bracelets


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Crystal bracelets are a really big trend this year. We can see them basically everywhere. Celeb models made this trend huge and we can see it quite often on Kaia Gerber, Hailey Bieber etc. This bracelet is made of crystals in a gorgeous pink color. BFF is spelled out with beads which makes it a perfect accessorie for your bridesmaid, don't you think? She could wear this bracelet after the wedding and it will always remind her of you and your special day. Perfect, right?

Girl Gang

girl gang

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Another perfect example of modern jewelry. This bracelet is perfect for bridesmaids. It is made from stretchable material so it will fit everyone. It comes in a gentle pink color, it is very cute and also very modern. This bracelet is easily combined with other jewelry, and it will perfectly fit with other bracelets.

Necklace or Earrings?

When we pick out a bridesmaid dress, then it's time to choose the right jewerly. Never before. Jewelry is a finishing detail, and it is always chosen at the end. So when you picked out the dress, shoes and purse only after all that will you go looking jewelry. If the dress has a sweatheart neckline, then you will opt for a necklace and all attention will be on that gorgeous neckline. But if the dress is closed and your bridesmaids hair is lifted, beautiful lavish earrings will make a perfect detail. Earring will make all the attention go to the face and hairstyle. It is very important to think about how the jewelry will adorn the outift. You certainly shouldn't overdo it because it could end up with your bridesmaid looking like a christmas tree. And nobody wants that, right?  

hart necklace

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Should the Bride have the same Jewelry as Bridesmaids?

It is your wedding and you are making the rules! A bride, when picking out the dress and the whole outfit will carefully choose the details. Some will opt for a veil, some will go for flower crown and some will have nothing but jewelry. It all depends on what style you are going for. If you'll be wearing a dress with a larger neckline, then you will choose necklace, but in that case your bridesmaids might have closed dresses and this detail will not fit them. So, you will opt for the same jewelry as your bridesmaids only if that jewelry will fit perfcetly with both yours and theirs outfit. But, if you strictly want all to have the same details, make sure it is a delicate piece, a simple necklace or a ring that will look phenomenal.


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Pendant is a perfect way to make jewelry personal. If you opt for pendants, your bridesmaids can put them on their jewelry. This small but special detail will make any bracelet or necklace personalized and special. And because of that reason you can opt to get a pendant for each of your bridesmaids. We believe that they will be thrilled with that.


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Don't Overdo it with Jewelry

It is a big day for you and for your bridesmaids as well. Everybody wants to look their best. And because of that, people can overdo it. We want to wear earrings, bracelets and necklaces at the same time. Exagerating will not contribute to elegance nor refinement. In order to look beautiful and elegant, we need to know how to decide. It is very important to pick jewelry that will emphasize the beauty and elegance of your bridesmaids. Simplicity and moderation are very important factors here. A simple bracelet or necklace will look amazing. If your bridesmaids will have a bun, then earrings will make an excellent choice. But today, as well as throughout the history of jewelry, there are gorgeous sets. Sets are made in the same style, they are very elegant, detailed and are truly breathtaking. Set like this one with beautiful roses will make your bridesmaids shine. You can wear the whole set, or you can opt for certain pieces of the set. Your bridesmaids can choose how to wear it. This way, you will give them a truly beautiful piece that is breathtaking and elegant. Additional plus is that they get to choose how to wear this set. That's great, right?


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