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Top 10 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Shapewear for Your Body Type

Posted on by Arya Miller

Looking for perfect shapewear? This little garment is great for targeting different body areas, but not all of them are the same. This little guide will help you in choosing the perfect shapewear for your body type, and outfit. 

women shapewear

Women Shapewear [photo: cottonbro]

1. Stick to Your Size

This is the most common mistake. Going down a size in an effort to look slimmer will actually have the opposite effect and highlight trouble zones. Buy the right size of shapewear, and make sure that you feel comfortable in it. And the slimming lycra in shapewear will do its magic work and hug your body in all the right places.

2.  Choose the Right Fabric

While shapewear is mostly made of nylon and spandex, there are two rules to follow when choosing the right fabric:

  • Make sure the shapewear material is comfortable to wear.
  • The material should match the material of your outfit. ( for example, if you are wearing a cotton dress, opt for fabric like polyester, because hosiery shapewear may cling to a cotton outfit.

women body shapes

 Seamless Bike Shorts Shapewear [photo: Mart Production]

3. Avoid White Shapewear

You may think that opting for white shapewear under white clothing is the best choice, but it's totally wrong. Go for nude tones that will blend in with your skin. For darker skin tones opt for shapewear in cocoa or black.  

4. Know When You'll Wear It, And How Long

Looking for shapewear that can be worn all day, and yet to be comfortable? Then Shapewear with light compression is perfect for you. It will help you to smooth out some areas that need extra control.  High compression control shapewear is perfect for special occasions and formal clothing like wedding dresses, cocktail and evening dresses, when you don't mind being a bit uncomfortable.

5. Find Your Target Area

What is your target area? Where do you need smoothening and shaping the most? Knowing your body type can be really helpful when selecting shapewear. In that way, you will buy the one that suits and flatters your body the most. There are 5 different body shapes; hourglass, rectangle, pear, apple, and triangle.

women body shapes

6. Apple Body Shape

Are you having a little bit of extra weight in your tummy area? Then you have an apple body shape. Shapewear that will help you shape and smooth out your tummy area are high waisted shaping leggings, shaping bodysuits, shaping full body slips, high waisted shaping briefs.

women bodysuit shapewear

Shaping Bodysuit [photo: Etsy]

7. Triangle Body Shape

If you are having a large bust, wide shoulders and a small backside, then you have what is called a triangle body shape. The best shapewear type for you is body shaping bike shorts and open bust shaping slips.

seamless shapewear
Seamless Open-Bust Shapewear [shop here]

8. Hourglass Body Shape

When your hips and shoulders are the same widths you have what is called an hourglass figure. Your goal is just to define the curves you already have. Opt for all-over shaping bodysuits, or shaping cami top.

women shapewear
Shaping Bodysuit [photo: Thais de Souza]

9. Pear Body Shape

You tend to have small busts, slim shoulders, and full hips. If you want to sculpt your hips and flatten your tummy opt for high control bike shorts.

bike shorts shapewear

Mid-Waist Shaper Bike Shorts [photo: Shapermint]

10. Rectangle Body Shape

If you have a small bust, slim hips, long legs and a straight torso, you have a rectangle body type. If you want to create some curves, opt for butt-enhancing shapers.

women shapewear
Women Shapewear [shop here]