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4 Best Onsite Bridal Hair Couture Services in Toronto

CDo we hear wedding bells in the background? Are you undergoing a roller coaster of emotions where the most minute wedding mishap makes you feel like the world is crashing down? Well, it’s time to relax and let down your hair Rapunzel, for we bring forth the best hair couture services in Toronto that should be on your list for your big day. From bridezella to a real-life princess walking down the aisle, we are here to make the transformation as smooth (read anxiety-free) as possible.

Bridal Hair Couture by Katie

Side swept loose bun with braid and embellished with hair accessory
Side swept loose bun with braid and embellished with hair accessory
The classic neat bun hairdo
The classic neat bun hairdo

Whether you are inspired by vintage side swept curls or adore the classic loose bun, Katie will make sure that her 15 years long updos passion radiates in working her magic on your hair and leaving you looking absolutely breathtaking. We know that hair is perhaps the most vital aspect of your wedding day, right after your dream wedding gown (In fact we think they share the spot).

The 70s one-side swept waves hairdo
The 70s one-side swept waves hairdo

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Phone: 647 224 5683
Studio Address: 14 Hugo Road, Brampton ON

MYU Makeup


What’s better than a makeup and hair artist that makes you feel special by highlighting your unique beauty? Michelle Yu shares an artistic perspective when it comes to preparing her brides and will win you over with her creative and makeover savvy personality! If you believe in accentuating your natural features with the flick of magical hands, then MYU makeup is your wedding hairdo paradise.

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Phone: 647-835-7321
Studio Address: 32 South Unionville Ave, Unit 2025, Markham

Bridal by Krista Lynn

A vision in white with a neat updo beautifully highlighted with sheer veil
A vision in white with a neat updo beautifully highlighted with sheer veil

Are you one of those that go ‘Awww’ at the sight of a traditional bride making her way slowly down the aisle? If you long for vintage bun hairstyle that adds just that right amount of classic touch then Krista Lynn is your hairdo match made in heaven. Her brides remind took us back to the 70s, with corset gowns, natural makeup  and gorgeous updos that leave the onlookers mesmerized!

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Phone:  (416) 846-0084

Brides Etc 

Make a statement with captivating hairstyles
Elegant in white

If you really want to feel like a queen at the top of the world on your special day, then let Brides Etc take control of dressing you up. With over 15 years of experience, Tania Dee bring forward her 25 years of professional experience as a licensed hair dresser. Her claim to fame lies in her work being features in Wedding Bell’s, The Knot, Wedding Chicks, Beautiful Savage Magazine, Astound Magazine and Vogue Italia. So rest assured, you are in capable and experienced hands as you get ready to sweep your to-be-husband right off his feet!

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Phone: (647) 222-6427
Email: bridesetc@sympatico.ca

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