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Top 5 celebrity inspired wedding hairstyles

Groom? Check! Engagement ring? Check! Ethereal wedding gown? Check! Classic updo? Scratching your head? It’s time to put your pending hairdo to the checklist and radiate the glam of a celebrity as you walk down the aisle. We have the top 5 celebrity hairstyle that will leave everyone mesmerized with your classical and red-carpet glam aura. Here’s a quick rundown of best wedding day hair-spiration.

Julianne Hough’s traditional updo with modern twist

Julianne Hough's Updo with Headband
Julianne Hough’s Updo with Headband

Behold! The timeless updo bun that has lived to see happy weddings since so long, that I doubt any can even keep a track. The dancing queen Julianne flaunted a loose updo that was accentuated with a thin trendy hair band. That’s what we call a contemporary take on a classic hairstyle. Get a little creative and replicate the look with stone embellished head bands. P.S: Our fashion advice – Nothing speaks class like a strand of pearls! Here’s an exotic look donned by Kristen Dunst which called for a flirty updo with a subtle display of whimsy.

Kirsten Dunst's Undone Updo
Kirsten Dunst’s Undone Updo

Emma Stone’s wavy side-swept chignon

Emma Stone's Wavy Chignon
Emma Stone’s Wavy Chignon

For those brides out there who cannot make up their mind between outright contemporary or classic poise, we have the perfect hairdo to sway you away. Emma Stone choose to wear her hair in an elegant side-swept chignon with waves. We absolutely adored the look and thought that it would be perfect for summer or spring brides. Phew! Wave goodbye to bridezilla mode.

Marion Cotillard’s romantic braided halo

Marion Cotillard's Romantic Braided Halo
Marion Cotillard’s Romantic Braided Halo

If you are a hopeless romantic that have been planning their dream wedding since forever (Yes we know about your secret wedding planning you have been maintaining since your sweet 16 birthday bash) then you are in for a treat. Braided halo will make you  an absolutely stunning bride ! If you are looking for some halo hairstyle inspiration then take some hair-spiration from Marion Cotillard gorgeous hairdo.

Rachel McAdams Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Rachel McAdams Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle
Rachel McAdams Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

If you want to let your hair down on your big day, then the most beautiful way to let your hair flow freely is to opt for half up half down hairdo. Rachel McAdams gives us some serious Half Up, Half Down hairstyle goals and sets smoky eye makeup benchmark real high. Take notes brides-to-be!

Carrie Underwood’s Long, Loose tresses

Carrie Underwood's Long, Loose Curls
Carrie Underwood’s Long, Loose Curls

Nothing speaks cute like a hairstyle full of voluminous blow dried loose curls. Carrie Underwood’s hairstyle will give you a perfect look that is edgy and elegant. So our beautiful brides, it’s time to take cue from the red carpet divas and flaunt an equally awe-inspiring wedding hairdo.

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