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3 Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas for Your Friends

Posted on by Arya Miller

Whether it is about finding the perfect hairstyles for your bridesmaids on your special day or you are someone else’s bridesmaid, and you have been asked to give ideas on choosing the best hair look, finding the perfect match among so many beautiful hairstyle options can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

Since you want everything to be special and want to find that one hairstyle that would perfectly match the outfits of the bridesmaids, you would need to look for several different chic and elegant ideas over several different online platforms.

 bridesmaid hairstyle

No matter if the bridesmaids have long, short, medium-length hair, they can simply use natural double weft hair extensions to create a classic, easy, and modern hairstyle without having to get into much hassle. For your help, here is a list of some of the most liked and trendy bridesmaid hairstyle ideas.

A Side Ponytail

bridesmaid hairstyle

Nothing can increase the charm and elegance of a bridesmaid more than a simple yet boho-styled hairstyle. Standing next to your close friend and witnessing their special day with them is something that needs to be acknowledged.

For this very reason, one of the many hairstyles that can help you to appear gorgeous is a side ponytail. It is not only easy to create but also helps to keep the limelight on your friend since it is their wedding day and helps you stay low-key yet beautiful.

All you need to do is to pull your hair into a low-side ponytail on either side of your neck. You can also enhance the look even more by adding a small and cute hair accessory that will add the right vibe to your dress.

Braided Updo

bridesmaid hair

Another one of the many ways to add some fun to your hairstyle while keeping things elegant is by going for a gorgeous braided updo. This will add an element of glam to your hairstyles and will make you look beautiful like never before.

While the classic braided updos look quite graceful on its own, you can also add some fresh flowers in the game that will help you to elevate the design and make your hairstyle an ethereal beauty that will make heads turn for your exquisite fashion choice.

To create this hairstyle, you would simply need to braid your hair in any different form of your favorite style and simply tie them up in a low sophisticated bun. You can also add small shiny accessories to it to highlight the look even more.

Soft Curls

soft curls

For a timeless and impressive hairstyle, to create that romantic vibe of a bridesmaid, you can simply try the classic soft curls. Nothing can actually beat the charm of loose or bombshell curls. You can also add some extra volume or length by using hair extensions.

The best part about soft curls is that they are extremely easy to carry and last longer than any other hairstyle throughout the day. You can keep them side-parted or middle-parted according to your choice.