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16 Best Wholesale Flower Girl Dresses for Any Style and Budget 2022

Posted on by Arya Miller

Searching for elegant yet affordable wholesale flower girl dresses that can make anyone's big day truly memorable? Well, you're at the right place. Today, we bring you the most stunning flower girl dresses from our collection that will melt everyone's hearts and make them go 'awww'.

Princessly has been retailing dresses and gowns to over 25,000 end consumers all over the world – from England, Australia, United States, Germany, Qatar, etc. Now we offer our entire catalog of flower girl dresses to store owners, bridal couture, dress boutiques, and online distributors in wholesale. Our designs are made of top-quality fabrics and with absolute attention to detail.

Princessly's wholesale offer for up to 43% discount!

wholesale flower girl dresses

Bride and Flower Girl [photo: Oliver LI]

We have rounded up our favorite flower girl dress designs in popular wedding colors. Scroll down, and find the perfect ones for your store.


Subtle elegance. Ivory is the ultimate classic in the bridal world. It's fresh, rich, elegant, and offers a lot of flexibility. Ivory color plays nicely with others, which makes it perfect for any wedding theme. No wonder it's the most popular wedding color in 2022.

We offer over 200 ivory flower girl dresses in a wide variety of trendy designs, from different shapes, looks, cuts, and lengths. We love to play with materials and patterns, so you'll see a lot of tulle, lace, embroidery, 3D details and so much more.

ivory wholesale flower girl dresses


A favorite color by the little flower girls, pink symbolizes love, happiness, and security. Depending on the shade and the details, pink can be soft and gentle or modern and bold. This color like ivory also can be used in any wedding theme, but most brides opt for it for spring and summer weddings.

Although, you can also find simpler pink designs in our collection, this time we decided to show you something a little bolder. We are sure flower girls will be thrilled with these dresses. Feathers, bows, 3D flowers, tulle, should we say more?!

 pink wholesale flower girl dresses


Blue and weddings? Absolutely! This color symbolizes purity and faithfulness, it is also believed that blue brings good luck for the couple.

So it's no secret that blue flower girl dresses have taken the wedding world by storm. And we are so here for it! You can check out our full collection of blue flower girl dresses here. Every dress has something special, whether its material, details, or cut.

blue flower girl dresses


Another classic wedding color. The champagne color is definitely one of the most popular ones when it comes to weddings. Especially if we mix this color with gold which is a symbol of luxury. You get a win-win situation. Both colors offer a lot of flexibility, but mostly they are preferred in winter and fall.

The dresses in this color are really elegant and sophisticated. We have picked our top-selling four designs perfect for any season, and any ceremony.

champagne flower girl dresses

Have you already found what you like? You can check our whole wholesale flower girl dress collection here. We also offer amazing wholesale discounts, all you need to place an order over $1000. For more information, see here.