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How to Find Stylish Clothes for All Stages of Maternity

Posted on by Arya Miller

Expecting a newborn baby is exciting. It is one of those special times in your life where you truly feel fulfilled and that your own life has a purpose too.

But for many expecting mothers, one of their biggest fears of becoming pregnant is losing their ability to wear stylish clothes that make them feel great. It's easy to get caught up in the online world of fashion bloggers and icons who make dressing up their bump seem easy and effortless. Only to find out that you feel overwhelmed in figuring out how the heck to make your own maternity wardrobe look just as flawless and stylish!

maternity clothing

Beautiful Maternity Dress [photo: Kelly Sikkena]

However, we are here to remind you that in fact, maternity clothing has never been so stylish and accessible! It all really comes down to finding the right type of clothes that support you through all stages of pregnancy. And the best way to do so is through building your wardrobe with maternity clothing by Hatch.

Companies like Hatch have mastered being able to design beautiful maternity clothes and accessories for each stage of maternity, including collections that support your body after giving birth. So to help you decide how to find stylish clothes for each phase of this special time in your life, we’ve put together the ultimate checklist of what to do when it comes to enhancing your wardrobe and top tips to keep in mind.

How to Know When to Buy Maternity Clothes

Every person will have their own unique experience when it comes to their own body growing during pregnancy. So it is challenging to put an exact timeline on when you should start shopping for the next phase of maternity. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow so that you are always confident there is something in your wardrobe for you to wear that will fit you just right.

If you have noticed that your pants, for example, are becoming challenging to button at the top then it is likely time to upgrade to the next stage of maternity clothes. While they may be your favorite pair of jeans, know that there are equally stylish options out there that are probably way more comfortable for this time in your life.

Go for maternity clothes that are more supportive of your baby bump and work with you, rather than against you. Do not wait until all your buttons no longer work to decide it is time to go shopping for new maternity clothes!

Knowing What Size to Get

The first trimester of pregnancy will be very different for each expecting mother. Some women start to show their bump right away, while other women do not show until the very end. Normally, the numbers for sizes will go out the window for most when shopping for maternity clothing. Instead, you should shop based on comfort and what feels good to you.

Keep in mind that it is sometimes better to go up a size or two, especially if you are hoping to wear the same piece of clothing further down the line in your pregnancy journey. This is because the cup size in your breasts will likely grow, your belly will grow and your hips may widen.

Having a bit of wiggle room in your maternity clothes allows you to wear them for longer throughout the various phases of maternity and ensure you are getting the same level of comfort.

maternity clothing

Happy Couple [photo: Kelly Sikkena]

Do Not Drop a Fortune on Maternity Clothes

As tempting as it may be, we recommend trying to avoid spending too much money on maternity clothes. This is because there is a very high chance that what fits you right now may not fit you in a month’s time. And your body will also be very different after you give birth as well.

Instead, it is often recommended to shop the basics and get a few quality pieces that can be used in a range of styles and outfits. If you do not want to be bothered shopping around for the ultimate basic maternity clothing collection, consider simply purchasing a pre-curated box with all your maternity needs.

This is a great way to ensure that you do not blow your budget on your maternity clothes and equally will have all the staple pieces you need for every single stage of your pregnancy—only having to really go shopping once!

The top pieces you will want to ensure are in your collection of maternity clothes include flowy t-shirts, jeans with elastic support, leggings that help enhance your circulation, comfortable maternity dresses and belts that support your lower back.

Rent When Necessary

If you find yourself at a stage in your maternity journey where you are all of a sudden needing to put together a glam look for a black gala event, then look no further than simply renting a designer maternity dress or outfit for one night. You can try on multiple sizes and attend the function looking fabulous, knowing you can also return the outfit the very next day and not have a sizeable dent in your bank account.

Think About Clothes After Pregnancy

This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of pregnancy. But it is super important to ensure that you are equally getting clothes that will fit and support your body after you give birth to your baby.

First, your body will continue to go through significant changes when it comes to your shape and size. But second, you want to have a wardrobe that equally makes the daily tasks of motherhood easy—including breastfeeding. You will want to have tops and bras that make feeding your newborn simple and fuss-free!


Overall, it has never been easier than right now to find maternity clothes for every stage of pregnancy. From clothes that support your growing body to clothes that support your own personal style, there are numerous ways to ensure you look and feel great every single day.

The most important tip to keep in mind is that the clothes you get work for your individual body and your unique set of needs as an expecting or new mother.