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4 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Posted on by Arya Miller

How to choose the right engagement ring? Does she like classic or big and flashy rings? This are the questions that most of the guys ask themselves. Engagement ring is not just a ring, it is a symbol of love, commitment and fidelity. With this little piece of jewelry starts the new chapter of your life. So you should choose carefully. The tradition of exchanging the engagement rings goes back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria propose Mary of Burgundy, with beautiful diamond ring. And from that moment on, the tradition continues till this day. How to choose the right one? Here are four tips. Check out our wedding dress collection in which romance and femininity take centre stage.

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engagement ring

photo: Adorn magazine

1. Stone

The girls best friend , traditional and classic, diamonds are always the first choice. When choosing this beautiful stone, the most important thing you need to consider is clarity, cut, shape, and quality. If you don`t know what shape to choose, we recommend round or princess cut. Diamonds aren`t your only option. From elegant pearls to bright blue sapphire or passionate emeralds and rubies. The choice is on you. Peek through her current jewelry to determine what she likes. Traditional or modern. Ask your family and friends for idea or advice.

engagement ring

photo: modwedding

The last option are beautiful and unique vintage rings. Rings, that have a story to tell – a story about love, romance, your family. There is something magical about them. If you don`t have this kind of ring in your family you can visit fairs or vintage shops, and find ring that is not only beautiful but also has an amazing story, story that will be interesting to tell not only to your future bride but also your friends or family.

2. Size

Sometimes the size of the stone doesn't matter, it's more important that stone's size matches your selectee's style. If she doesn't have a bigger hand and longer fingers, don't exaggerate with the size. A string of stones on the ring can look like a one big stone. Make sure to find a ring that will fit her. Also, don't worry about wanting to buy a big stone but can not to afford it, a ring is a symbol of your love, and you don't have to prove it by buying a large expensive rock, trust us, there are beautiful and affordable rings.

engagement ring

photo: Today Style

3. Choosing The Jeweler

One of the most important things when choosing engagement ring is good jewelry store. Store with high quality jewelry, modern and unique design, but also that they are honest and reputable. When you enter the jewelry shop, you have to feel relaxed, the jeweler has to assist you and answer all your questions while choosing the ring. How to find the right jewelry store? Family and friends can be of very big help. Ask them for advice and opinions.

engagement ring

photo: Etsy

4. Budget

First, determine your budget, and buy the best ring you can without going into major debt. If you are buying the diamond, the price will depend on the quality of stone, clarity and of course, cut. If your budget is a bit smaller, you should think of alternative stones, they will also look amazing, and you will spend less money. You got engaged recently? Check out these 4 unique and fun engagement party ideas. Check out our new collection of beautiful wedding dresses.

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