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Top 8 Unusual And Fun Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Posted on by Arya Miller

Guest book is a perfect reminder of your wedding, and of wonderful moments you had. But sometimes they can be so boring and formal. Classic, simple, in traditional book or album shape, this kind of books will usually collect dust in your basement. Do you want to move away from that “classic” look and have something different and unusual? Then this article is right for you. From Jenga guest book to the message in a bottle, this unique and fun ideas will not only impress your guests, but also be a great reminder of your big day. And the best thing, you can make them yourself. Still looking for the wedding gown? Find your dream dress in our stunning wedding dresses collection. And we have the best flower girl dresses with over 300 styles and over 200 customer reviews.

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If you are a couple who loves to play games, this is the perfect guestbook for you. All you need is a blank Jenga set, and a card with some instructions. Give each of your guests a brick to write their wishes on. Every time you play Jenga, you'll be reminded of your big day. And also you can see the messages from your family and friends.

Jenga Guest Book

Jenga Guest Book Plan a Wedding Now>


Looking for interactive and creative guest book? How about this one? Unusual and unique, you can hang this guestbook on your wall and cherish for years to come. You can find absolutely gorgeous drawings of bare trees on Bleudetoi or you can draw it yourself. Ask your guest to put their fingerprint as the leaves, and sign their names. If the tree isn't your style, you can choose hot air balloons, or even fingerprint peacock. The choice is huge.

Fingerprint Tree Wedding Guest Book

Fingerprint Tree Wedding Guest Book by Bleudetoi Etsy>


For rustic and boho wedding, we recommend Polaroid guestbook. Ask you guests to take Polaroid photos of themselves, and place them in a photo book with a nice message. This is a fun and great idea, and also great way to involve your guests in creating your wedding album.

Polaroid Guest book

Polaroid Guest book my wedding>


Another fun and unique idea for a guestbook, is the bucket list. How it works? Your guests write down their ideas, like what places to visit or fun things to do, and then place the card into storage container, signed with their names.

Bucket List Guest Book

Bucket List Guest Book Etsy>


Great alternative to traditional guest book is puzzles. Ask your guests to sign the back of a puzzle piece, then you can put the puzzle together and frame it. Looks great, right?

Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

Puzzle Wedding Guest Book Etsy>


Is there anything more romantic, then a message in a bottle? Ask your friends and family to write their messages on a pieces of paper and put it in the bottle. On your wedding anniversary, read the messages with your husband.

Message In A Bottle Guest Book

Message In A Bottle Guest Book Brides>


Love to travel? Then this is a perfect guestbook for you. Your guest can leave their wishes or even tips what places to visit and their favorite spots in the area.

Globe Guest Book

Globe Guest Book The Every Last Detail>


The best way to include your guest book into home design, is probably the rocks. Ask you guest to sign rocks with paint-style markers. All you need is smooth rocks, marker, and a card with instructions. After the wedding, place them in a glass vase, this will always remind you on your fairy tale wedding.

Rocks Guest Book

Rocks Guest Book Etsy>

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