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4 Ways to Make Shopping for Your Kids Easier: Clothing Edition

Posted on by Arya Miller

While shopping for clothes for your kids is usually quite a bit of fun at the beginning, it can quickly become redundant and sometimes even difficult. How am I supposed to know what kind of clothes my four-year-old is going to want to wear? Will this fabric be comfortable against their skin? How many outfits can I pair these shine leggings with? The questions that might go through your head when shopping for your kids are endless. Thankfully, we’re here to help make this difficult and oftentimes stressful process that much easier. Specifically, we’re going to tell you all about four ways to make shopping for your kids easier. Whenever the time comes to get some new clothing for your kiddo, you won’t have to stress out about it anymore; we’re going to show you how to do it like it’s nothing. To learn everything you need to know in order to have a seamless kids’ clothing shopping experience, keep on reading.

kids clothing

1. Make a List, Mental or Physical

Are you one of those people who can’t seem to be productive and get things done without having a clear-cut schedule or to-do list? If so, join the club, but don’t forget to make a list when buying clothes for your kids. Making a list, whether that’s a physical list on paper or a mental checklist, can help you remember what exactly your child is in need of. For example, say you’re picking out your kid’s outfit for the day, and you realize that although the colder season is coming up, they only have one or two thick sweaters, or maybe you want to make a comfy and colorful outfit for them but nothing in their wardrobe really fits the bill. When you notice things like these, you can add “winter wear” or “shine leggings” to your kids’ clothes shopping list. This will help you focus when the time comes to add items to your cart and will also ensure that you get items your child needs.

2. Shop Online

One of the most overwhelming aspects of shopping for your kid’s clothes is going to big-box stores and needing to flip through every single item of clothing. An easy way to make shopping for your kids less stressful is to ditch the in-person stores and shop online instead. There are so many advantages to shopping online instead of going to shop in store fronts. Some of these advantages include convenience, no crowds, variety, cheaper prices, and the fact that you can do it from anywhere, whether that’s your couch or the dentist office waiting room or anything in between. Shopping for your kids can go from overwhelming to easily doable by opting for online shops instead of big box stores. There are also tons of great small online shops you can visit that you wouldn’t have access to if you solely bought from in-person stores. There’s no reason to not love online shopping.

3. Go For Pieces That Can Be Worn With Lots of Other Items

Have you ever bought some clothes for your child that was only ever worn once? Maybe the reason for that is because it was for a special occasion or because it had a unique color or pattern. A great way to prevent this from happening, saving you money and giving your child more options for outfits, is to always try to buy clothing items for your kids that can be paired with lots of other items. Solid-colored clothing pieces are always a good idea, but the more unique the pattern is, the harder it will be to create nice-looking outfits with other pieces. By going for versatile clothing items, you can craft more outfits for your child and also need to shop for them less. That’s a win-win if we’ve ever heard of one.

4. Ask For Your Kid’s Opinion

What color would they like this shirt in? Do they like the feel of this fabric or that fabric? What if they don’t like this top? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions about your kid’s clothes, then it might be time for you to start asking your child for their opinion on what kind of clothes they’d like to wear. You might be surprised at how opinionated little kids can be from a very young age. By asking your child to choose between two different colors or two different styles, you relieve yourself of the pressure of choosing the perfect piece and also allow your child the freedom to dress in a way they like. It’s easier for you and helps your child grow in independence in a healthy manner.


We hope this article has encouraged you and shown you that shopping for your kids doesn’t have to be intimidating; it can be really fun! Try these tips out for yourself, and see which ones work best for you. Your kid’s wardrobe, as well as your peace of mind, will benefit from these tips