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8 Long Sleeve Wedding Guest Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Winter has come, and with it also came winter weddings. Very often women think that it is much more difficult to find an outfit for weddings held during the winter season. Don't be afraid of it! Today there are beautiful models for wedding guests, and dresses with long sleeves, in which you will shine at every wedding.


Photo by Edward Eyer

It is Important to Choose the Right Dress

When choosing a dress to go to a wedding, it is important to choose the right one. Long cuts, warm materials like corduroy, elegant satin and glitter are prefered at winter weddings. Avoid dresses with light material and pastel flower colors.


Satin is phenomenal for all wedding seasons, especially winter. This material looks elegant, refined, and looks very nice on dresses with long sleeves. It is best to choose A-cut dresses, which give out the impression of luxury.

Elegant Satin Dress

This beautiful champagne-colored dress is so elegant that even princesses wouldn't refuse to wear  it. The upper part of the dress has beautiful pleats, which really gives it that something special! The dress has an a-line cut, which looks great on all body types. It is ankle length, perfect for winter weather.

elegant dress

How to wear this dress?

This design is very elegant and you have to go in that direction. Choose high heels in nude color, as well as a purse in same color with gold details. The color of champagne and the color of gold go very well together. Jewelry should be made of gold, but very decent. Choose a necklace and earrings that will nicely complement the design.

Ivory Satin Dress

Ivory color is great for winter weddings. This dress has a very interesting design with the upper part made of high quality lace. The waist is accentuated with a satin ribbon that is tied in a bow and continues into an asymmetric satin skirt. A perfect blend of modern and traditional combined into a wonderful dress.

satin dress

How to wear this dress?

The ivory color perfectly matches the silver color, combine the dress with the silver colored glasses and the shoes of the same color. The jewelry should be subtle. As the dress is quite closed in the upper part, we suggest getting your hair gathered in a bun.


Glitter is not something we usually wear every day. But in the winter, when everything is magical, festive glitter is more than necessary. Of course, you want to bypass the disco ball look. With glitter, it is important to be moderate, and complement it with calmer elements.

Black Glitter Dress

This dress made of glitter is simple and formal with its beautiful long sleeves, a nice neckline, and a really great length.

black dress

How to wear this dress?

The dress is very beautiful and festive, so we suggest combining it simply to ensure that all eyes are focused on it. Wear it with black glasses and a silver purse. From jewelry, choose only earrings.

Flare Sleeves Dress

If you want a modern dress, then this one is for you! Floor length, large v neckline, interesting sleeves... The dress reminds us a lot of a mermaid cut, and comes in a beautiful baby blue color, with silver metallic branches/leaves stretching across it. The dress also has cutouts in the waist, which makes it visually slimmer. This modern dress is guaranteed to get you noticed.

blue dress

How to wear this dress?

Baby blue color goes well with silver, so choose accessories in that color. Jewelry should also be beautiful and large, especially earrings.


The royal material velvet is truly the king of every winter. This material is warm, elegant, gives an impression of luxury. In the past, it was a favorite at royal courts, and that is precisely why it still holds the title of royal material. Lavish, rich and elegant, in which you will feel like a winter queen.

Red Velvet Dress

When you think of Christmas, what kind of dress comes to mind? Red velvet, of course! We know! This dress is absolutely gorgeous! Velvet, deep neckline, pleat, long sleeves. It truly leaves you breathless. If you are invited to a wedding that has a Christmas theme, this dress will be the right choice.

red dress

How to wear this dress?

Wear this dress with gold jewelry. Choose shoes in the same red color so that everything ties together nicely.

Vintage Velvet Dress

This dress reminds us of vintage dresses. It is very romantic, elegant and beautiful. It features beautiful v neckline decorated with lace and three small buttons. The sleeves are long and also decorated with lace. The dress is knee-length, which makes it ideal for a winter wedding.

vintage dress

How to wear this dress?

Since the dress is very romantic, similar elements are suggested. Choose nude heels that will elongate your legs. The purse should also be in a nice nude color. Jewelry should be golden and kept simple.


This material is an ideal option for warmer weather. Material is beautifully romantic and has a true magical shine. If you don't like satin, this material would be phenomenal for you. It is comfortable, airily, hypoallergenic, and forms very nicely.

Dark Blue Chiffon Dress

The dark blue color is ideal for all festive events, especially weddings. This dress has a Queen Anne neckline, sheath silhouette with ruffles draping. It is long and has a sweep train. The waist is adorned with decorative beads.

blue dress

How to wear this dress?

We would say very simple. Choose black heels and a nice velvet bag. As for jewelry, we recommend beautiful large earrings and a bracelet. This dress is so special that it doesn't need a lot of accessories.

Long Chiffon Dress

The dress is made from a combination of chiffon and lace. It has a beautiful square neck and half sleeve. The veil is refined and will look great on tall ladies. We were particularly impressed by the pleats that give this dress that special something.

chifon dress

How to wear this dress?

In order to make this dress look even more phenomenal, choose heels in dark blue, and a handbag in the same color. Blue and silver colors go really well together. You guessed it; the jewelry should be pearls or silver. You will look great!