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Which Prom Dress is Right for You? Choose The Perfect Prom Dress Based on Your Body Shape

Posted on by Arya Miller

Is your prom party coming up? We are sure that you are already planning which dress to choose. This can be really hard sometimes, with not knowing where to start. Maybe it's best to know your body shape first. Dressing according to body shape is guaranteed to give excellent results! See below 10 magical dresses that are perfect for your body shape.


Photo by Cottonbro studio

How to measure your body?

In order to better understand your body shape, it is important to take a good look at yourself. Very often we forget to pay attention to ourselves. Body shape sometimes varies with your weight. It is important to measure yourself in the correct way. Stand straight in front of the mirror, and start with the waist measurement first. Wrap the tape measure around the waist just above the navel. Measure your hips at the thickest part of your hips, just below your hip bones. The bust is also measured around the fullest part of the chest. You can give your mother or a friend to measure your shoulders, but if you want to do it, wrap the tailor's tape around the top of the shoulder at the widest point above the shoulder blade.


The triangle, also known as the pear-shaped body shape, is characterized by narrow shoulders and bust and large hips. Women of this body type have slender arms and a very defined waist. With this type of body, it is important to emphasize the upper part. Dresses with a neckline and emphasised back are the details that you should look for.

Off shoulder silver dress

This beautiful silver dress is perfect for prom. It has a very modern look, and fits the body shape perfectly. Mermaid cut is great for this body type precisely because it will emphasize your arms, cleavage and waist. This dress is very easy to wear and combine with other details.


Green dress

Green dresses are very elegant and are an excellent choice for special events. Floor length dress in emerald green color, high split, and off shoulder defines the body very nicely. If you are wondering which accessories to choose and in which color, we suggest silver. The silver color perfectly complements the green. Silver sandals, purse and jewelry will look great.

green dress


Do you have a curvy upper body? If yes, then you probably have an apple body shape. This shape is characterized by broad shoulders, a large bust and smaller hips. Also, with this body shape, the waist is not defined. It is important to emphasize the arms and legs. Wondering how? Wear high heels, tight pants, short skirts and emphasize the neckline with a v-neckline.

Black dress

This dress is really breathtaking. Modern and at the same time very elegant. It has a beautiful v-neck, which is decorated with delicate beads. This detail really makes this dress special. And If you look at the ice, you will see that they are very interestingly made. Laces give that modern look. Don't forget the pockets! Big plus, right?

black dress

Organza prom dress

If you have always dreamed of a princess dress, then this is a great choice! Just look at that beautiful color, quality material, and asymmetrical lower part of the dress. It is precisely that asymmetric part of the dress with the horsehair hem that gives the dress that fabulous and luxurious look. The dress is backless and features a lace up and zipper closure. Spaghetti straps are certainly a modern detail. Wear a dress with silver high heels and beautiful jewelry.



A rectangle or athletic body shape is uniform in size. This body has no curves, very equal hips and shoulders. And the waist is flat. With this body shape, it is very important to accentuate the curves. Add pleats or prints to emphasize the lower part of the body. But if you want to emphasize the top, highlight the waist.

Purple satin dress

Satin dresses are very trendy! This dress is made entirely of satin. It has an a cut, v neckline, and interesting cut on the neckline makes it very interesting and special. The purple color looks great when combined with cooler shades, so it's good to choose gray, silver, or white. If you want a warm shade, we recommend nude. 

satin dress

Red dress

It's beautiful, isn't it? This dress has a very simple classic style, but you can't go wrong with it. V neck, sleeveless and this beautiful darker shade of red will bring out the best in you. It will make you feel like an actress. Choose gold details to make them shine even more!

red dress

Inverted triangle

We talked about the triangle, but there is also an inverted triangle. Women of this body type have very broad shoulders, which are sometimes wider than their hips. It is precisely for this reason that it is important to show your legs. Choose dresses that have an interesting lower part or are short to emphasize the legs and take the attention off your shoulders,

Tea lenght dress

This dress is so special! A line, tea length, strapless, satin! We really think Ariana Grande would choose this dress. It is both modern and timeless. The upper part of the dress is decorated with glitter, and the lower part has a beautiful flowing skirt. Choose nude glasses and shine like a star!.

beautiful dress

Sleeveless dress

This dress has a plunging neckline, it's sleeveless and has a V back. A line silhouette suits this body type very well. The dress is perfect for prom. If you want, you can combine it with pink accessories to highlight and give the dress an even more modern look.



A female body type that is perfect in measurements! It's a body type that has uniform measurements of the chest, hips and narrow waist. This body shape can handle all styles. If you are in doubt about which dress to choose, don't worry, you can basically  take whatever you want.

Romantic dress

This romantic dress is truly beautiful. It is made of soft chiffon material, and the upper part is decorated with lace, and the waist is accentuated. You can combine the dress with silver or nude sandals.

blue dress

Tulle dress

Another dress that comes in a beautiful blue color. It is decorated with beautiful appliques and details that give the dress a very special look. Square neckline and tulle material make it luxurious. These dresses are classic and can never go out of fashion. That's why women adore them! For your prom night, wear this dress with shoes in the same color for balance. Decorate your hair with interesting details.