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Top 11 Prom Dress Color Trends in 2023

Posted on by Arya Miller

Is your prom coming up? We are sure that you are trying to make the best impression and be at your most prettiest. The right dress definitely helps with that! For the most glamorous evening of your life, you must choose the right fit and follow the trends carefully! When it comes to total festive looks, it is necessary to reconcile glamour, a bit of sparkle, shine, but also models that emphasize the best of you. So, what colors are trending in 2023? Read about it below!


Photo by Ron Lach

Green color

Earthy neutral colors will be extremely popular this year. The desire for minimalism will also be shown through fashion. Green is the color that will dominate; subtle, but always brings a fresh look and calmness. This color goes very well with calmer tones as well as stronger ones. Green clothes will be worn everyday, but also at special events such as proms.

Satin dress

This dress in luxurious green color is made of satin. Satin gives it an elegant and refined look while green gives it a modern look. The dress has a high split and a beautiful v neckline. This luxurious dress will look great on everyone precisely because of its cut. Combine warm colors such as gold with the dress. Gold will add luxury to this dress, and make it even more formal.

green dress

Simple dress

Sometimes a simple minimalist approach is the best choice. This dress has a very nice design with details such as bare back and neckline bateau. Also, it has a very special sweep train, which makes it very interesting. Sandals in the same color as the dress, and a purse in a velvety green color will look great.

simple dress

Strapless dress

How gorgeously seductive is this dress? It has such a beautiful design that it will surely leave everyone speechless. In the back, there are interesting corset-like straps, and a great modern addition: pockets. The dress is a line cut, and has a sweep train. Wear it with black sandals and a black handbag.


Red color

This luxurious color has been a favorite for prom dresses for years. It suits absolutely everyone. It is luxurious, sensual and very often guarantees glances. A powerful color that has been a favorite among women for centuries, every year it is the main trend. Combining red with gold will create a very seductive harmony.

Mermaid dress

The mermaid cut is certainly one of the most popular, it fits wonderfully and is great for young girls. This dress has a very interesting design. Off shoulder and pleats or frills on the upper part of the dress look interesting and will certainly attract attention. We suggest wearing high sandals in gold or nude color with this dress and a purse in the same color. It is important to leave the focus on the dress.

red dress

Glitter dress

A dress that seems to have been tailored for Marilyn Monroe. A tight dress made completely of glitter, it has a beautiful v-neckline and accentuates curves very nicely. As this dress is completely made of glitter, choose an accessory that will balance it out. Like nude sandals and minimal jewelry. With glitter dresses, it is very important to know how to wear them in the right way.


Fuchsia color

All shades of pink are very vibrant, and you never go unnoticed in them. This color is playful, cheerful and dominant. It is for these reasons that you pay attention to the details when wearing it. If you are playful and cheerful, then this color is the right choice for you.

Two piece dress

Modern, interesting and playful dress. The two piece set was extremely popular last year, and it looks like it will be this year as well. The dress is made of lace in this gorgeous color. The upper part on the back has straps that are also an interesting accessory. It's truly breathtaking.


Straight neck dress

Satin dress with a very clean and minimal design. These dresses were popular in the early 2000s, but now they are back. Girls absolutely adore them. The traditional, but modern design suits absolutely everyone. Wear this dress with nude sandals and a purse.

elegant dress

White color

White color is truly timeless. Classic, traditional, modern and fresh. This color looks very nice on everyone, and it is extremely easy to wear.

High neck dress

Design that screams 2000s! Yes, if you look at old pictures or movies from those years, absolutely everyone had this neckline. We believe that everyone was happy when they saw that this neckline is back. The dress is minimal, subtle, elegant and refined. If you are a lover of minimal things, this dress is the right choice for you!

white dress

Black and white dress

Sometimes the combination of these two colors really gives us a fantastic result! The upper part of the dress is made entirely of lace, which slowly descends into the white part and ends again with black lace. A very elegant dress. Perfect for prom!



Black color

No matter how many years pass, no matter how many seasons come and go, black color is simply a classic! When you don't know what to wear, black is always the perfect choice! It doesn't go out of style! Combining is easy, and you can always play with accessoriesIt's like having a empty painting canvas!

A line dress

We love designs like this! Beautiful v-neckline, pockets and a cut dress. This is a design that suits girls with an hourglass body shape! Wear this dress with black sandals and an interesting handbag. This is a dress that you will surely wear even years after the prom. If you want to make the dress even more special, you can always add a brooch in the shape of a large rose, or a different belt that will further emphasize the waist.

black dress

Black beaded dress

Do you like satin, beads, but also a simple design? This dress is just that! You can never go wrong with a black, eternal classic. Combination of classic with a modern addition always looks great. Wear the dress with high silver sandals and a metallic handbag. For this outfit, it's nice to play around with make-up. Whether you want to emphasize your eyes or lips, play with trends and choose what you feel best in.