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5 Reasons Why to add Therapeutic Massage To Your Self Care Routine

Posted on by Arya Miller

Massage is the oldest form of medical treatment. It was used by every civilization throughout the history to prevent and cure diseases. In today's fast paced world we kind of forgot about the importance of massage in self care routine. But, it's time for that to change. Find out about five reasons why you should implement massage into your self care routine. It will help you to relax, get rid of muscle ache and help your hair to grow like Rapunzel.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Removes Muscle Tension

We believe that you have experienced pain in every part of your body. Our body does a lot of work throughout the day, mostly in incorrect positions. Those type of positions can cause muscle tension. Apart from feeling pain, it can also lead to much serious conditions. You could feel very tired, distracted and fell pain in every inch of your body. Tissue that regenerates muscles becomes more harder and stiffer and it can impact your breathing and posture. Massage can be ahuge help with these conditions. After a massage you wil feel relaxed and much more comfortable. Massage brings your body in a balance. With muscle tension it is very good to use oils that have special beneficial effects. These oil will make your massages more pleasant and more effective.

Organic Warming Massage Oil Muscle Ache Reliever

This high quality organic oil is specifically made for body massage. If you're having muscle problems, then this oils is the solution. Its ingredients have a mild warming effect that will relax and warm up your aching muscles. Along with olive and almond oil which perfectly nurture your skin, it also contains black cumin and cinnamon leaf. Those last two are responsible for heating sensation and relaxing the body. Additional plus is that is comes in a recyclable glass bottle.


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Stimulates Hair Growth

This form of massage is rarely talked about, but it should definitely be a part of your self care routine. Reason for that are the benefits that a good scalp massage can give you, especially if you are experiencing hair loss and dandruff. Your scalp is full of nerve endings, which makes it very prone to stress and tension. And massage solves that! By massaging our scalp we stimulate circulation and that helps bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair. This massage will relax you so much that you will fall asleep. Scalp massage is recommended for all hair types, even if you don't have issues with hair loss or dandruff. It will only bring good to you and your body.

Organic Hair Oil Repair Healthy Hair

With scalp massage, it is also recommended to start by using oil. Make sure you have a quality and organic oil, like this one for example. This oil contains a lot of amazing ingredients that are great for your hair. Jojoba, argan, camelina and lavender, rosemary and sage essential oils. We don't even need to tell you about how relaxing lavender is, it is a perfect essential oil after a long day. Rosemary is also beneficial for your hair, it stimulates circulation and hair growth. Sage has good cleansing properties.

hair oil

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Photo by Anete Lusina

Relieves Headaches

We're sure that you have experienced headaches caused by bad posture. These headaches are quite common today, because of our lifestyle. We all spend a lot of time seating in front of a screen, and very little time in nature. The way we sit and look at a screen can be quite bad for our body. A head and neck massage would be a great addition to your self care routine. It will relax your muscles and will rid you of your pain very quickly.  

Organic Herbal pain balm for Muscle and Joint Pain

This organic massage butter contains a lot of beneficial ingredients for your body. Olive oil and beeswax will nurture your skin. While lavender, calendula and chamomile will relax you. Mint will have a refreshing  cooling  effect which is very good for headaches. It is scientifically proven that peppermint can alleviate headaches. And it's not just because of the feeling we get from it, but its scent too.


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Hand Massage Helps with Circulation

You are already familiar with advantages of body massage, but did you know about the importance of hand massage? Did you know that it can reduce anxiety? Today, more and more people are suffering from stress, and hand massage can help you reduce it. It relaxes and often helps with falling asleep quicker. Not only that, but if you're having problems with circulation in your hands, you wouldn't want to skip hand massage. It will help with bringing blood to your extremities which can help with unpleasant sensations such as tingling in your hands. Hand massage boosts good energy and is good for our nerve system. We mustn't forget about nails and skin around them. By using the right oils we can help them to be stronger and grow quicker.  

Organic Cuticle Oil / Healthy Nails / Strong Nails / Nail Growth

This oil is made from organic ingredients. It has coconut, olive and almond oil which are all great in nurturing your skin and nails. Along with those oils it also has vitamin e and rosemary and lavender essential oils. Your nails and skin will feel like new and you will be certainly more relaxed than before.


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Photo by Elisabeth Smithard

It Helps with Stress and Insomnia

Nowadays, people are more and more under stress, which means that a lot of them suffers from insomnia, too. Stressful way of life, sitting in front of a screen, being in constant competition with each other, yearning for more and better can make our lives very stressful. In the past, people spent more time in nature, hang out with each other, which resulted a lot less stress. But today, people have a lot of problems, they suffer from anxiety, depression... And a very few people are aware that massage can be a huge help with those problems. Once a week, a quality massage will relax you and will help you sleep better. Muscles become very stiff when under stress, and massage will help them relax and bring your body into a balance.

Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

If you don't have time for a massage every week, there are a lot of quality devices that can help you to perform a massage on yourself. This massage gun is perfect for that. It is great for deep tissue massage which will help with muscle stiffness and will also relax you.


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