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Anti-Aging: 7 Facial Massage Tools Of 2021 For Sculpting, Toning And Soothing

Posted on by Arya Miller

Facial massage is one of the oldest anti age treatments. Along with being relaxing, facial massage stimulates circulation and enhances facial tone which in the end benefits your skin firmness. Facial massage will also prevent water retention which usually results in a bloated and tired look of your face. With a quality facial massage you will not only look more fresh but your skin will rejuvenate also. Facial massage is truly one of the best and most effective anti age face treatments.

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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

What to use for massage?

Apart from tools, which there are more and more of, it is necessary to use oil. Oils softens the skin and helps your tool or hands to slide more and do a better job. Without oil we would only get more wrinkles. It is very important to use a high quality, organic oil. This organic oil contains almond oil, whihc beautifully noruishes your skin, calendula oil which rejuvenates the skin, arnica, black cumin oil and cinnamon leaf which stimulates circulation. This oil blend gives out a natural warming sensation which feels very pleasant on your skin. 

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 Photo by Eva Elijas

Jade Roller

In the last few years, jade rollers are intensively being talked about, as well as their benefits for anti age. This product looks very interesting with its handle and a jade stone. When properly used, it will stimulate circulation and you will receive a very nice anti age massage. This roller is recommended to use every, or at least twice a week. With its roller, you will induce you lymph system and lymph drainage. Roller helps with tightening you skin, enhances absorption, calms and relaxes. If you keep it in your fridge, it will help with waking up and skin redness.


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How to use the jade roller?

Start you massage from your neck to your face, it is very important to use your jade roller by moving it upwards, never use it downwards. Also, massage your face from inside to out(from your nose, to your ears). Also, make sure to put apply your favorite massage oil beforehands.

Gua Sha Massaging Tools

Along with classic jade roller, there is a whole string of massage tools. This gorgeous set contains: fish-shaped plate, tendon stick, acupuncture pen, face stick, Gua Sha board, Gua Sha comb, triangle board. Small and convenient, portable and practical. This set will be an immense help with not only facial massage, you can massage the whole body with these tools. Using them will stimulate circulation and a healthier skin tone, and will also have a quite relaxing effect on you.


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EMS Vibration Constant Temperature Heating beauty Instrument

This device helps with face lift, it massages through vibrations, warms up and stimulates product absorption. Along with all that, this device also has an intelligent sensor switch. Apart from blue light, which is greatly beneficial for your skin, it has vibration and helps with skin absorption. The second gear has a red light with a raiseable tempreature up to 40°C which stimulates circulation and gives out a quite pleasant massage.

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Facial Massager LED light therapy

Haven't heard about LED therapy yet? This method has become quite popular in the last few years. There's blue and red LED light. Blue is great for people that have problems with acne. It destroys them and hels with calming the redness and inflammation. When combined with red light, it acts antiinflammatory and achieves a very healthy skin look. This technique also stimulates production of collagen which greatly slows down the skin ageing process.

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Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation Freque LED Photon Face Lifting

This type can take care of six skin problems. Pink light whitens out the dark spots on your face, pink flashing light helps with product absorption and makes the skin cleaner. Red light helps with skin elasticity, and yellow light helps with skin detox. There is also blue light which helps with collagen production and finally green light that will help your skin look cleaner and more beautiful. This massager really has it all when it comes to keeping your skin young and fresh.

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Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Are you travelling a lot but don't want to give up on massages and having your skin looks beautiful and healthy? this product will help you. It may be small, but it is really effective. Electric pen that will give you a great facial massage but also will give you a very nice acupuncture. It is very easy to use and it has quick results.

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Massaging with Your Hands

This is definitely the first massage method used. It is very effective and relaxing. Most people say that they feel younger after a massage, and trust us, they look that way, too. If you're not able to visit massage salons, and you still don't have a massage device, you can still have a massage at your home. All you need is oil and your hands. Apply oil on your face and start with lightly with moving your hands from your neck to your face. Cover your whole face with your hands so your finger tips are at your forehead and bottom of your palms are on your chin. Keep them like that for a few moments and start moving to the outer part of your face. Tilt your head on your right side and with faster movement and more pressure, go toward your forehead. Tilt your head to the left and repeat the process. Pinch your whole jaw line, starting from under your chin and all up to your ears. Pinch right along the bone so you don't stretch your skin. Stroke from the corners of your mouth to your ears. Put a palm on each cheek and move them at the same time.


Photo by Olia Danilevich

Products that can help you feel like you're at a spa center

Whether you massage with your hands or devices, it is very important to have a relaxing atmosphere around you to make the massage more efficient and benefitial.

Face preparation

Before the massage, it is important to prepare your face. To relax your face, but also open up its pores, it is highly recommended to use a steamer. It will make your face healthier and more hydrated.

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This little device will make you more relaxed and bring a spa feeling into your home. You only need to put water, your favorite essential oil and turn it on. If you're looking for a relaxing effect, certainly use lavander essential oil. If you have problems with breathing, use mint, and for waking up, orange.

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