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6 Romantic Ideas For A Dreamy Enchanted Forest Wedding

Posted on by Arya Miller

Forest weddings are so romantic and so mystique! There is something in those beautiful trees, flower and greenery. We must admit that enchanted forest is one of our favorite wedding themes. It is so relaxing, calming and so special. And the best thing, you don`t have to go overboard with the decorations, because nature is on your side. Whether it is in the spring when everything blooms or in magic autumn when you are surrounded by beautiful colors, imagine how great your wedding pictures would look like. All you need is candle lanterns, cake and your family and guests for an amazing and mysterious atmosphere. Here are some amazing ideas for perfect Enchanted forest wedding theme. Stay tuned.

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1. Table Decor

Decorate your tables with branches, flowers like roses and beautiful candles for romantic atmosphere. Play with colors and make your tables fun and unique. You can also cover the whole table with a moss and it will look amazing. Instead of the classic vases, use the jars in which will you put wildflowers. Replace the ordinary white tablecloths with those with forest print. You can also decorate your chairs with flowers or add simple and elegant silk bow.

Table decor

Table decor>

2. Tree Lights

Add a bit of magic to your wedding with beautiful tree lights. There are so many options; from beautiful and super cool strings of twinkle lights hanging from the trees, or rustic and dramatic illuminated jars, it is up to you.

If the tree lights aren`t your thing, and if you are a big fan of Twilight, you can have your very own Bella and Edward wedding. Instead of tree lights, use beautiful and mystical flowers wisteria, and it will look amazing.

6 Romantic Ideas For A Dreamy Enchanted Forest Wedding

Tree lights>

3. Invitations

Invitations are probably the most fun part of planning a wedding. You can be creative and make your own invitations, decorate them with branches and flowers or you can buy unique wooden wedding invitations. There are so many choices on Etsy that are handmade and really unique. You should definitely check it out.

Wedding invitation

Wedding invitation Etsy>

4. Woodland-inspired cake

White or dark chocolate? Modern or Traditional? When it comes to the forest wedding theme cake, this things really don't matter. You will need the cake that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale, cake that simply warms up your soul. How to achieve that? Decorate your cake with red cherries, roses or pine nuts, and it will look beautiful.

You can also have beautiful and delicious cupcakes.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake >

5. Unique Namecard Holders

Bring the nature in. Make your wedding even more unique with this cute and fun wood name card holders. It will look amazing on the table and leave your guests speechless.

Name holders

Namecard holders Etsy>

6. Bouquet

It is always hard to choose the right bouquet. There are so many choices, so many styles and so much flowers. But, for this theme we recommend bouquet made out of beautiful wildflowers. It will match perfectly to this theme. Add pink roses or white flowers like lilies to make them even dreamier.


Flowers >

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