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Top 6 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Posted on by Arya Miller

Wedding photos are eternal memories, which you will watch over and over again for years and show your family and friends. Except poses for photos and places where they were taken, it is very important to choose great photographer. How? By talking, first. What questions to ask, and on what things you should watch out, read below. Looking for the wedding gown of your dreams? Shop our exclusive collection of wedding dresses in all styles and silhouettes.

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1. Style of photographer

First and the most important thing is - does your photograph prefer the same style of photos as you? Is he tends perhaps traditional style or a more modern photography. Except style of photographer it is also very important how much photos can you expect. Some photographers makes 100 photos and some 1000, so in that way it is very important to know how much photos can you expect. However, some photographers don't edit all the photos they've took, so make sure that you have the one who will edit all the photos you want.

Top 6 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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2. Pricing

Photographers rate and time is also a very important question. The price of course needs to be inside the budget, so if your photographer is too pricey and he doesn't want to settle for less, it's better to find another one. Beside pricing, ask him if he is maybe scheduled for another gig on your wedding day, and how many hours are included in the package. Why this question? Because it's nice to have photos of you getting ready for the wedding so it would be great to have photographer available to come few hours earlier so he can take those shots.

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3. Experience and gear

Photographer's experience doesn't have to be the most important thing, but it's really important to have a look at his portfolio so you can know what his style is and what to expect. You can also ask him about his wedding experiences, and if he can show you some photos of them. Along with experience, his gear is important. You can ask him if he will bring his own lighting and if we will bring along a second shooter. This will be ideal because you will have photos from different angles.


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4. What's included

When you negotiate the price, don't forget to ask about what the package includes. Will you get photos only on CD, or on prints as well? Some photographers can include a wedding album in the price, so you can ask for templates. Also, ask about the price of the second shooter, if you want to have one, and will you'll have to pay for the possible over hours.

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5. Photographers questions for you

Ask him if he has any questions for you. He will then better understand your needs and wishes, and of course, for him to understand better, provide him with as much information as possible. Try to answer as best as you can, and if needed, use examples like magazine clippings or have some photos ready on your mobile phone in case he wants to see what you like.

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6. Delivery time

And the last, and probably the most important question for you, about something you will be really excited and couldn't wait to get, is when you will receive your photos. Couples can sometimes wait for months to get their photos, so make sure that the delivery time is acceptable.

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We hope that our 6 questions helped you in your search for a perfect wedding photographer. If you have any tips, leave them in the comments below.

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