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  • 16 Unforgettable Cakes for Your Country Wedding

    Nowadays, more and more couples are eager for a big day reflect their own unique style and personality. The country's wedding has become a trend, brides have already seen the elegant of country wedding. Homemade cuisine is essential for any style weddings, the most important of which is the wedding cake.
  • Amazing Underwater Weddings Lead the New Trend

    The wave of underwater weddings has sprung up across the country. An increasing number of couples are opting to have wedding pictures underwater in elaborate shoots that look. Perfect weddings really make us happy. Browse through our collection to find a perfect one.   You’d be surprised how many people consider and actually do have underwater weddings. You can be the one to...
  • 6 cheap wedding dresses: here's what you should know

    Whether you having enough money or not finding a cheap wedding dress doesn't have to lower your expectations. On the contrary, some cheap wedding dresses and expensive wedding dresses have no distinct differences in style and quality. So polish your eyes and follow me to find the cheap but fine wedding dresses. Check out our collection of wedding dresses under 300 dollars, you...
  • 5 Wedding Dresses Ideas For Romantic And Dreamy Fall Wedding

    We are counting days till Fall. Beautiful nature, trees, scent... it is like nature plays with all that amazing warm colors. And also it is a perfect time for weddings, right? Fall is definitely our favorite time, there is something magical and incredibly romantic. We always remember Miranda`s fall wedding from Sex and City. It was beautiful. Nothing can compete with Fall. We...
  • Top 6 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

    Wedding photos are eternal memories, which you will watch over and over again for years and show your family and friends. Except poses for photos and places where they were taken, it is very important to choose great photographer. How? By talking, first. What questions to ask, and on what things you should watch out, read below. Looking for the wedding gown of...
  • Best 21 Wedding Dresses And Jumpsuits Ideas For A Vegas Wedding

    Las Vegas is a place where there are no limits, where you can let your imagination run wild, and weddings are no exception. You can get married in a Chapel of Flowers or high in the sky at Stratosphere, it's a place where all your dreams can come true, right? So once you've picked out a location of your dreams, it's time to...
  • Trend Alert: Unique and Unusual Crop Top Wedding Dresses

    We promised you an article dedicated to crop top wedding dresses. Fun and super modern, this dresses are a big hit, and a must have. Although they are not traditional, crop top wedding dresses can look really beautiful. With perfect accessories, shoes, hairstyle and flowers you will leave everyone, including your groom, breathless. They are perfect for brides who have amazing figure, because...
  • The 9 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues In UK

    Looking for the most spectacular, most romantic and unique places in Britain? We found some of the best, from county barns, castles, beautiful gardens to the Roman Baths. These are the most romantic and unique wedding venues to exchange your vows. Leave everyone totally speechless in your dream wedding dress! Browse our collection of wedding dresses, and find the perfect one! 1. THE...
  • The 6 Best Short Wedding Dresses for Every Style

    Do you remember Keira Knightley and her Chanel wedding dress? She looked gorgeous! And also proved to us that we can look elegant and cute in short wedding dress too. Not only they are so modern and chic, you can walk, sit, breathe and dance freely all night long. Still not convinced? Short wedding dresses are also a great way to show your...