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8 Truly Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas You'll Love

Posted on by Arya Miller

wedding dresses

Still figuring out how to get to your wedding in style and on time? Or how you and your groom will magically exit the wedding reception with „ Just Married“ sign? From classic cars to the limos which are traditionally used, there are so many options and ideas to make your wedding transportation even more fun and unique. Give your wedding a personal touch and a dose of charm with these amazing wedding transportation ideas.

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1. Limo

If you are a traditional and classic girl,white limo is the best choice for you. Glamorous and so elegant you will feel like Old Hollywood star.


Limousine >

2. Rolls-Royce

If you are not the limo kind of girl, but you still want something elegant and truly spectacular, we recommend Rolls- Royce. This type of car is perfect for modern and chic weddings. And you will leave your guests speechless.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce >

3. Bicycle built for two

We can`t get enough of vintage weddings! There is something special and unique about them. Whether you love Great Gatsby style or 70s bohemian look, vintage weddings always look great. If you still struggle with what type of transportation to choose, we recommend bicycle built for two. It is perfect for charming and colorful vintage celebration, but also eco-friendly.

Vintage Bicycle

Vintage Bicycle wedding chicks>

4. Horse-drawn carriage

Is there something more beautiful than Winter fairy tale wedding? Beautiful white snow, frozen trees, colder and darker nights... it really create not only an intimate and magical atmosphere, but also an amazing backdrop for your wedding pictures. For this type of wedding we recommend horse- drawn carriage, you will feel like princess in a real fairy tale.

Horse-drawn carriage

Horse-drawn carriage regal carriage inc >

5. Elephant

Yes, you read it right! You can choose a cute elephant for your wedding transportation. Not only you will surprise your guests, but also remember this experience for a lifetime. It is also perfect for an Indian wedding.

Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride bridal guide >

6. Canoe

Have a very own romantic sail around the lake in a boat labeled with „Just Married“ sign. Imagine beautiful night sky with shiny stars, sounds of nature and you and your loved one rowing on a lake glistening with moonlight.


Canoe bridal guide >

7. Vintage Wedding Bus

There is something charming and delightful in vintage wedding bus. It will look amazing on your wedding photos and your guests will enjoy.

Wedding bus

Wedding Bus >

8. Hot Air Balloon

If you are adventurist, and you want to make your wedding truly unique, different and memorable, then hot air balloon is perfect for you. With spectacular scenery and clouds you will have a wedding transportation like no other one.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon society bride>


It is very important to book your wedding transportation six months earlier because limos and cars are in high demand, and special rides like horse-drawn carriage or boats are in shorter supply.

Research companies online, read reviews or ask for recommendation from family and friends.

When you find the perfect transportation for you, make your booking in person, in that way you will be able to get a look, and see is this transportation works for you.

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