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4 Most Romantic And Unique First Dance Ideas

Posted on by Arya Miller

Sometimes planning a wedding can be hard, but when it comes to the first dance, it becomes not only the most fun, but also the most romantic part. Choosing your favorite song, style of dance and practicing your dance moves, is there something better than that? But what style of dance to choose? Classic and traditional or something more modern and unique? Well, this is your personal choice. Most of the couples opt for fun choreographed dance, it starts with slow song and a waltz, and then they go „crazy“ and show their best moves, like robot dance. Do you remember Robert and Amy's first dance, from Everybody loves Raymond? If you haven`t seen it, you should definitely check it out, it was hilarious. You can definitely find inspiration from that. But if this isn`t your thing, we rounded up the most romantic, cool and unique, you will want to dance on your wedding. Shop our newest collection of wedding dresses for a stunning walk down the aisle!

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If you are looking for something different, with more passion and dangerous exoticism, then you should choose Tango.The cultural symbol of Argentina, this dance became a global phenomenon. But before that, it was only a dance between Argentinean Gauchos and local girls. There is an interesting story that Gauchos didn`t shower and for this reason girls were just circling around them tossing their head back. Funny, right?

But with this dance you can really show your emotions, your passion and your love, it is perfect for your first dance.

If you have two left legs don`t worry, there are so many dance studios in which you can perfect your dance moves.

Tango couple

Tango couple Dancewithme>


Looking for something more traditional? How about waltz? Born in 17th century in the districts of Vienna, this dance really has a soul. Beautiful, classic and so romantic, Waltz is perfect for a fairy tale wedding, like the ones in Disney tales. If Waltz is a dance that you will love to dance with your better half, then we recommend The Way You Look Tonight song by Frank Sinatra or I Swear by John M. Montgomery or All 4 One.

Waltz couple

Waltz couple Photoconcept>

Modern or Non- traditional dance

In this dance you can dance whatever you like. You don`t have to worry about anything. This is a great way to show your personality, but also to have fun. You can dance like robot or like John Travolta, it is your choice. Your guests will love it, believe us.

You can also make a choreography and include your family and friends in it.

4 Most Romantic And Unique First Dance Ideas

Modern dance Amy Bennett>


Another great way to show your passion and love to your partner is Salsa. Originated in New York with strong influences from Puerto Rico, this dance is perfect for couples. Amazing and loud music, great moves, and passion. If you don`t know how to dance it, there are so many great dance studios that will teach you every move. You will leave your family and friends speachless.


Salsa Westsidesound>

Which dance is your favorite? Modern or classic and traditional? Tell us in the comments below.

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