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Show Sidebar Review: Top Boutique Shopify Designer in United States

Posted on by Carissa Bean

Shopify is easy, but to stand out, you need to impress your customers by a unique experience that only a true expert can design and shape for your store. With 4 profitable Shopify stores, after working with several agencies, I'm confident that Carissa at Designing Fresh is the one you should seriously consider for your next Shopify project.

She did an amazing job for our store Princessly, 100% accomplished. She kept all her promises. When I first approached her I was a little worried if she can do so much for us in such a short notice of time and she did it. Everything was as expected and the final outcome is elegantly better than than what I had in mind.

I myself is pretty programming oriented therefore can be a pain in the a** sometimes with the compulsive need to fine tune every detail I come across, yet Carissa was patient and caring enough to indulge everything.

She never misses a message and is very responsive in communications.

By my experience working with Carissa, what Designing Fresh offers is something quite unique and precious, that is, the combination of ingenuity, precision, reliability, and love. It's a rare gem very hard to come by these days.

To sum up in 5-stars ratings,

  • Value for price: 5/5
  • Responsiveness & Reliability: 5/5
  • Design & Branding: 5/5
  • Development: 5/5

In a word, go with for your Shopify boutique store, from scratch or revamp, you will not regret working with Carissa! Review: Top Boutique Shopify Designer in Review: Top Boutique Shopify Designer in Review: Top Boutique Shopify Designer in