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Unique and Creative Wedding Favors for Him and Her

Posted on by Arya Miller

We’re at the peak of wedding season over here at You’re the Bride, but during this tumultuous time we got a chance to take a well-deserved break and sample some fun and creative wedding favor gift ideas.  Our friends over at Forever Wedding Favors, an online shop that covers all your wedding favor needs, sent us some great items that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as we did.


Let’s start off in the wine department for one of their truly unique gift ideas.  Forever Wedding Favors took a traditional wedding favor gift and gave it a twist.  These one of a kind wine bottle stoppers would make fun offerings for anyone who attends your big day.  Scroll through their vast collection of themed stoppers and choose the set that matches best with your wedding.  From pink flamingos to navy anchors, there’s sure to be a wine bottle stopper that fits the bill. 




Next up on our review would be the immense collection of personalized glass containers that Forever Wedding Favors has to offer.  You will see for yourself that these adorable mason jar containers would be great gifts for your loved ones to bring home.  Each time they take a sip from one of these cute glass jars, memories of your precious day will be refreshed in their minds.    




I don’t know about you, but in my house we’re always looking for a full set of playing cards.  One of the coolest wedding gifts on Forever Wedding Favors is their collection of customizable playing cards.  This gift transcends age and gender, as a deck of cards is a crowd-pleasing wedding offering for all.  Pick a theme and personalize any of these sets to match your wedding design.  Whether it's Poker, Rummy, or Set Back, these card sets are sure to add something special to game night, as your family and friends will be shuffling through your wedding day memories each time they deal!




So head on over to Forever Wedding Favors and I promise they will handle all of your wedding gift needs.  It’s a great one stop shopping experience that will efficiently take care of one of your many wedding day responsibilities.  You’ll check one off your list and have fun doing it, as you scroll through their ample supply of amusing wedding gifts for all who you want to thank for attending your big day.


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