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Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Posted on by Arya Miller

Engagement rings are a matter of diamonds, beautifully set into a precious metal band, and often couples like to make their token of commitment to each other unique, tailored to their own personalities and tastes. They do this by having something memorable engraved onto the inner band of the ring, something that usually only they know about – just for their own secret knowledge. Let us take a look at some of the most common engravings chosen by couples.

Names and dates: While this is more common for wedding rings, dates can also be added to engagement rings, and can include the day you met, the day of the proposal and even, added afterwards, the day of the wedding. It can also be your names – full legal names or your pet names for each other, along with your birthdays. If you are fond of history, immortalizing significant dates is an excellent addition to your engagement ring.

engagement ring

Cute couple [photo: Samantha Gades]

A memorable verse or line of poetry can encapsulate how you feel about each other: something Shakespearian and classic if you are academically minded, or just the chorus from your favorite romantic song – perhaps the one that will become 'your song' in time? Having these beautiful words etched on to the inside of your ring, against your skin, can remind you of your feelings for each other whenever you think of them or see the diamonds sparkling in the sun.

You do not have to choose a line of poetry or a song lyric, any meaningful phrase or word can be engraved onto the ring. For example, a couple that are both fans of the Harry Potter franchise might opt for the word 'Always' to remind them of the depth and strength of their feelings for one another. Other phrases can be expressions of love translated into other languages: 'Je t'aime toujours' is 'I love you always' in French, 'Ti amo,' is 'I love you,' in Italian. When it comes to engraving a memorable word or phrase inside your engagement rings, the choice is entirely yours, and it can have as private a meaning as you like: you can get away with never showing it to anyone else, if you do not want to!

Symbols are a wonderful slightly coded way of showing affection for one another. Hearts are an obvious declaration of love. Hugs and kisses can be rendered as 'xox', as in a birthday card, stars and a moon-shape or the sun and the stars can indicate the size of your love (as big as the cosmos), a musical notation could be a reminder of how you met at a concert or festival. Fandoms too often give rise to symbols which can be incorporated in a message: the deathly hallows for Potter fans, the Star Trek motif for Trekkies, and so on. Symbols are always enjoyable because of the slightly secretive nature of their meaning. You may perfectly understand what your partner means, but others will wonder why you have the nine (or eight) planets in a row on your engagement band and you can have the pleasure of explaining that your partner felt the planets had aligned perfectly when you got together.

Adding an engraving to your engagement ring is an ideal way to express the intimacy between you and your partner – and you can be as discreet or open as you like about sharing the existence of the engraving with friends and family. Just as in partners, the choice is yours!